What Are the Primary Colors?

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What Are the Primary Colors?

As you know, seeing a color on a screen is not the same as seeing it on paper. Therefore, in color theory, different tonal modes, represented by different color wheels, have been developed to expand the creative possibilities of designers and make use of color in design appropriately. There are 3 color wheel models to represent different color modes: Classic model (RYB). It is the traditional coloring, rarely used in modern designs. Additive model (RGB) . It is used to form the colors produced by light, that is, on surfaces such as computer monitors, TV screens, or telephones. Subtractive model (CMYK) . It is used in colors produced by pigment, such as that of printer inks or paint. For now, let’s review what the color categories are according to the different scales that originate from the variation of hue, saturation or luminosity.

These are the chromatic scale and the achromatic scale. These two are vital elements in applying colors in graphic design! 1. Chromatic scale To understand the importance of colors in graphic design, we must start from the knowledge of the chromatic scale. In this we can find different categories of colors, such as primary, secondary and Taiwan Phone Number colors. What are the primary colors? Primary colors are those that cannot be created by mixing other colors. Depending on the color wheel model used, the primary colors are: Primary colors in the RYB model : Red, yellow and blue. Primary colors in the RGB model : Red, green and blue. Primary colors in the CMYK model : Cyan, magenta, yellow and black.

What Are the Secondary Colors?

Taking into account the variations in each model, you will be able to understand the importance of primary colors and how to use them for your graphic compositions. What are the secondary colors? Secondary colors are obtained by mixing two primary colors in equal proportions. Therefore, the importance of secondary colors lies in understanding their variations: Secondary colors in the RYB model : Green, purple and orange. Secondary colors in the RGB model : Yellow, magenta, cyan and white. Secondary colors in the CMYK model : Red, green and blue. As you can see, in the additive and subtractive models (RGB and CMYK), the secondary colors of one are the primary colors of the other. What are the tertiary colors?

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Tertiary colors are those that arise from the combination of a primary color with a secondary color. Basically, when the question is what is the importance of tertiary colors, the answer is that they are extensions of the primary or secondary colors to which hues are. chromatic scaleSource: Pexels 2. Achromatic scale According to color psychology , white, black, and gray are colors, even though they have no hue or saturation. Knowing the importance of colors will allow you to awaken certain sensations in the observers. We will talk about these 3 colors later. achromatic scale Source: Pinterest 3. Help you stand out from the competition Within 90 seconds of initially viewing a graphic piece or website, consumers make a subconscious judgment about what they saw.

Achromatic Scale

Therefore, it be the complementary colors, the projected message, etc. Most of their analysis is based on color alone! Therefore, the importance of color in graphic design is crucial. The colors in your graphic composition will also influence how likely viewers are to remember you later. Which is why designers spend so much time selecting the right colors, logos, print materials. And other branding elements. Believe it or not, colors can set you apart from the crowd. Which is especially important in digital web design and any business that navigates. Therefore, online environment knows this. designer looking at a color wheelSource. Freepik 4. Evoke emotions There’s a reason why certain colors, like blue and red. Are a lot in design.


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