What is a chatbot and how can it help your business?

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What is a chatbot and how can it help your business?

The marketing digital is a discipline that never stop coming news. Some go unnoticed and others quickly become a trend. The latter is what has happened with chatbot . Chatbot boom Nowadays it is difficult to enter a web page and not find a program of imitation of conversation. These are artificial intelligence systems that are capable of conversing with the user as if they were a real person. They started being used on websites in the technology sector such as Google Assistant , Slack or Facebook Messenger. But in a very short time they have become an essential element in all those websites that want to sell a product or a service. We see these conversation robots finland phone number on bank pages, in online stores , on platforms for freelancers , etc. What really are these kinds of talk shows? Technically it is an artificial intelligence software that can perform the tasks it is entrusted with without the need for any human to be supervising it . In this case, the robot’s task is usually to pay attention to the customer and help him to make arrangements or even resolve doubts. What is the function of the conversation software? As technology has advanced this marketing tool has been gaining in functions. The most common are the following: Customer Support It can be said that it was the original function of this type of artificial intelligence.

They arose mainly to improve user service and avoid humans having to do too repetitive and, therefore, demotivating work. We must not forget that many times the doubts that reach the customer service channel are quite similar to each other, so it can be quite a tedious job for a human if he must develop it for eight hours a day. Manage purchases and payments online There are already many online stores that have their own artificial intelligence system to help their customers in the purchase process. In these cases, the tool focuses on guiding users during the purchase and payment process and solving their doubts. Even the most advanced models allow payment to be made directly through the chat itself . How do these types of automated bots help marketing? These chatbots are very positive for the user, but also for the company itself, which can obtain multiple advantages: – It allows reducing the cost of customer service and using human capital in more productive and complex tasks. – By analyzing the chatbot’s conversation data, it is possible to extract ideas about products or services that users want, aspects of the web that can be improved and even ideas about content for the page.

It is a tool to increase billing, by generating more engagement with the user and building customer loyalty. Which chatbot to choose? The type of software to choose depends on the purpose that you want to achieve with the automatic chat. When it comes to interacting with web visitors, companies already have a wide variety of tools to choose from. There are also chatbots for social networks . They are accounts behind which there is no human being, but which are responsible for distributing the message of a certain brand and connecting with its Taiwan Database potential audience. To go a little further and integrate artificial intelligence chat well into company marketing , somewhat more developed tools are needed. That they are capable, for example, of providing information to create specific campaigns. In short, the more you want to get out of the bot , the more complex it has to be.

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