What is a Copywriter and what functions does it have?

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What is a Copywriter and what functions does it have?

Before I tell you what a Copywriter is , I’m going to put you in context a bit 🙂 The first copywriters in advertising agencies were in charge of writing the texts of press advertisements, radio and TV spots and sales letters (advertising letters sent by ordinary mail). They used to be accompanied by an art director, who was in charge of the visuals, and a creative director, responsible for supervising the work of both. With the advent of the internet, this figure evolved into the “Copywriter” , responsible for online content marketing. Both in its origins and today, the main objective (direct or indirect) of a Copywriter is to generate sales , transforming the product or service that you want to sell into the solution to a problem that your client presents. Therefore, we can say hong phone number that a Copywriter is a professional in charge of creating and writing creative texts with the intention of capturing the attention and interest of the target audience. Functions of a Copywriter A Copywriter can work in the marketing and / or advertising department of a company or in advertising and marketing agencies, where they will choose to perform the position of creative director. This position is responsible for conceiving the concept or idea of ​​a marketing campaign through techniques such as brainstorming. what is a copywriter In addition, you can work as a freelancer and your clients will then be digital marketing agencies or companies that need web content, sales pages or promotional emails. Among the main functions of the Copywriter are: Define the style book: this will be linked to the writing and editing of texts (with responsibility for the grammatical, semantic, stylistic, spelling and SEO word analysis). The Copywriter writes a sales text with alternative versions, which will allow him to analyze variations to improve the results. Develop the content plan: this plan must contemplate the brand positioning strategy, with actions such as: Ad campaigns on social networks (facebook, twitter, linkedIn, etc). Insertion of advertising banners. Email marketing campaigns.

Web publication ( landing pages , product descriptions, offers, sales pages, subscription pages, etc.). Updating of posts for commercial blogs. Drafting of press releases. Creation of white papers, success stories, etc. To carry out the actions of the content plan, sketches will be made that the Copywriter will present to their clients. What is NOT a Copywriter The Copywriter is often confused with the copyright manager or copyright manager. Although the Copywriter has his own copyrights, he does not work managing the copyrights of third parties. It is also confused with the role of the content writer . An online content writer creates texts for blogs and websites, although his main job is information and dissemination, not selling and persuasion, as in the case of the Copywriter. Skills of a Copywriter A Copywriter must have a strategic vision of the brand or product to be promoted. Participate in the generation of “branding” or unique concept that differentiates your brand from the others. It also creates the “direct response copywritting” or unique concept that differentiates a product or service from the rest. He knows their characteristics and values ​​and is able to present them in a creative, innovative, attractive and convincing way to his client, but without losing focus on the product. He knows his client and maintains an excellent relationship with him through meetings in which the characteristics of the product are discussed, which gives him greater confidence and freedom in his proposals.

You are up-to-date on the latest online media and communication networks and content marketing trends. Learn about market analysis tools to extract positioning data, market segmentation, value proposition of the product or service … He handles different styles of writing (journalistic, scientific, technical, corporate, humorous, vindictive …), the copywriting of texts and commercial offers, storytelling (narration of stories with which the client identifies) and narrative techniques (persuasive, creative or informative). SEO writing applies , which not only consists of the inclusion of keywords in its texts, but also in the use of key structures of the content that generate a reaction or call to action in users (press a purchase button, visit a product website, subscribe to a newsletter …). He knows research and documentation methodologies and processes Taiwan Database and applies them to the type of product or service he should write about, the market in which he works and the audience he is targeting. Put this information in organized and indexed technical sheets of the product and audience profile and in studies of keywords or words used by your target audience. You are familiar with design and user experience (UX). It has flexibility , the ability to adapt to new markets and audiences, and a facility for continuous learning Do you still have doubts about what a Copywriter is? Expand your information on the Baética blog !

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