What is a hosting?

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What is a hosting?

What is a hosting is a recurring question for those who have not started in the world of computing. In fact, millions of people use it and ignore what this service consists of. On the other hand, good knowledge of its characteristics by those who hire it will depend on the quality of navigation and its consequent benefit for those who operate it. So, next, we break down the keys of this term, also known as web hosting . What is hosting ? Hosting is an English word that, in Castilian, means accommodation. Therefore, it is not difficult to deduce that it is the space, in the framework of the Internet, in which a website or a page will be hosted . A page that, on the other hand, we will access from a specific domain . We refer, in this case, to the address that denmark phone number we write in the navigation bar. But web hosting does not exist in a vacuum, it is backed by a sophisticated physical device. One or more of these are supported by a server , which constitutes a kind of computer with large dimensions and significant resources. Among them, we highlight memory, bandwidth or hard disk space. Let us bear in mind that, on the quality of this server, the functioning in conditions of the different hostings that may be hosted on it will depend . Therefore, we already understand what web hosting is.

Basically it is the rental of a part of this server in which we will have both our domain and the data and services that we contract. Therefore, we must be cautious when choosing our server, as it will also be responsible for ensuring the security of our data and files. The function of the computer on which your data is stored is to transfer the necessary files to the client that consults your URL or web page. What types of web hosting are there? As in a traditional rental, in web hosting services we can find various forms or formulas of accommodation. Let’s do a simple to understand simile. Let’s think about a storage service or rental of storage rooms. In these, we have different storage rooms both in size, as in added services or security elements. Next, in the following lines we review the different classes of these accommodations that we can choose from. Shared hosting or shared hosting As its name suggests, it is made up of various web hosts that share the same server . The data of each one of them is private and should not interfere in each other’s space, but they do share disk space or processing capacity. It is the most economical and comfortable option, since the supplier takes care of the maintenance. Its resources are scarcer than those of other alternatives that we will analyze.

If we think of the world of storage rooms, it is as if we compartmentalized a large storage space in which different people deposit their belongings, but sharing space. Therefore, the physical capacity for interaction is diminished, since many people want to enter these websites, they can be affected in performance. Dedicated server A server is assigned for a single web hosting , which makes the product more expensive. All server resources, therefore, can be used exclusively. This type of server offers overwhelming flexibility, since we have space Taiwan Database and resources exclusively for our website. You can choose software, hardware, choose the operating system … A large number of options that, while offering many possibilities, also imply having a greater amount of technical knowledge. It is the closest thing to having your own server, in our company, but with the positive point of having professional support. Virtual private server or VPS The hosting , instead of a private server, is associated with a virtual one (with the resources of the physical ones). They can be, as managed by the provider or the customer, managed or unmanaged.

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