What is a lovemark? Let yourself be carried away by your emotions Profile photo of Leticia

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What is a lovemark? Let yourself be carried away by your emotions Profile photo of Leticia

You know that “I feel good about it, but I don’t know why” ? Well, we want to talk to you about that “good vibes”, about which marketing experts want to link to their brands or products . Thanks to the connection to positive stimuli, we will feel attraction towards objects or places that have given us pleasure on other occasions, even once the binding experiences have been forgotten. We want to talk to you about it today. Do you know what a lovemark is? Lovemark in Marketing Linking an object to a positive emotion ensures that the next time the user sees it, they want to come up and try . The conscious brain can help us to stop the impulse, but it will exist until it is able to link with a negative experience that helps to “unlearn” the above (that is, it is not worth just linking the object to something positive once; you have to “ reinforce ”the experience hong kong mobile company so that it is maintained over time). When we make a purchase decision, we act the same as when our ancestors fled from a saber-toothed tiger or snake in the middle of the jungle. It is then the primitive brain that first makes the decision, and it is based on first impressions and previous emotional ties (if we have ever pricked ourselves with a bush, our brain will remember the pain suffered and a negative emotion will be activated towards the brambles in general, even if we consciously forget the original puncture experience). Well, all this in the marketing world requires its screening and “artistic name”, so in 2004 Kebin Roberts , who at that time ran Saatchi & Saatchi, baptized it as Lovemark (love of the brand) . Decision making The marketing techniques analyze human behavior studies conducted in psychology. One of those behaviors analyzed is decision-making. It seems that a decision is made first at the unconscious level; then the order is produced (of movement, for example) and it is this that makes us aware of the decision made.

marketing lovemark One of the explanations given to this study is that decision-making is found in the primitive brain , as we mentioned before, and that it does not reach the cerebral cortex (the most evolved “layer”) until the process in the part of the brain is completed. that has helped us for thousands of years to react immediately to danger and survive. If we had needed to wait for a conscious decision to be made, the critter in question would have already eaten us. How to inspire love in the business world? The same techniques that Casanova used to maintain intimate relationships with more than 100 personalities of the 18th century are now used to generate the environment of a brand: Intimacy: it is about creating the right environment to start an intimate relationship with the consumer. Sensuality: it is the power of seduction, which generates the need in our consumer to know the brand better. Mystery: it is not good to tell everything, because curiosity, surprise, emotion or the capacity for wonder is lost. It is better to hint than to describe. We already have the keys to the stage, but we must transform the brand or the product into something else: Create an inspiring experience in which the consumer is a participant. In it, problems become opportunities for learning, recognition and enjoyment. Carried out through responsible actions that serve as a guarantee to the consumer and support the reputation of the brand. Generate a social “movement” around your brand to which you can belong through a mutual commitment.

If your brand cannot be irreplaceable (nothing is anymore), make it irresistible. Use new language and learn to surprise with the obvious, without obsessing over big ideas. Remember also that it is the public who decides if an idea is great or not, not you . Some classic examples Harley Davidson: has managed to generate a whole philosophy of life, a biker subculture where if you do not wear a ponytail, tattoos and a leather vest with studs, you are nobody. Each Taiwan Database dealership is more than a motorcycle showcase: it is a place of worship full of all kinds of accessories, where fans can practice their “religion”. Even the sound of the motorcycle is characteristic, to make itself felt before arriving and staying for a little while when leaving; fan clubs and biker rallies are already being played across most of the planet. BMW and its “do you like to drive?” with my little hand in the wind: Yes, that expression of freedom, I go where I want, I stop where I want, I enjoy an incredible landscape and I don’t even worry because the car takes care of my safety … It seems to turn the rest of the brands into pieces of transport, and himself a great experience, a mythical journey (even to go to the office).

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