What is an SEO report?

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What is an SEO report?

Discover its importance If you want to know what an SEO report is, in addition to its importance and characteristics, keep reading this article; you will find all the information you need. Currently, an SEO report is displayed with some variations compared to a traditional or analytical conversion web report; These variations must always be taken into account. What we want with this article is to give you as much information as possible about what an SEO report is, let’s get started. What is and why is an SEO report so important? An SEO report, as its name implies, is a report that is delivered to a client with all the specific and exact data about the results of the application of SEO to their website . Within it, several topics are touched such as keyword ranking list of canadian mobile phone companies , traffic sources, and so on. We will talk a bit about these topics later. The importance behind the SEO report is thanks to the data it has. These data are key so that the person in charge of the positioning of a web , can show his client the progress that his page has had through the application of SEO. These reports are generated after doing an examination of the SEO status of the website. On the other hand, its importance also lies in the vision of the future that can be achieved with its use. Thanks to the report, you can define future SEO strategies to use, it also allows you to find the elements to be corrected or improved, among other things. All this, in order to always be one step ahead of the competition in terms of positioning .

What elements should an SEO report include? A good SEO report should consist of several elements so that it can contain all the information and legitimacy that you need . These elements are: Traffic sources. Brand and non-brand traffic. Landing traffic. Profile of links. Competitor information. Keyword ranking. Link building work. Explanation of what is displayed. All these elements together, can provide a current overview of any website . They indicate what is the influence of the page, the position it occupies within the web, and so on. Being able to have in hand and know the situation of the inbound links to the site and the anchor texts and have the opportunity to analyze them in the SEO report, gives a more exact idea of ​​the decisions and actions that can be improved in the strategy digital. Definition of the elements Traffic sources : Traffic sources are the ways by which users manage to land on a website . Essentially, SEO is usually the biggest source of traffic for a website and giving a customer insight into this tends to be a very good way to start a report. Brand and non-brand traffic: Keep in mind that SEO traffic segmentation is much more important than its evolution (knowing if it grows, decreases or is stagnant). The know what users come because they want the name of a specific brand is vital to identify the reasons for changes in traffic . A growth in SEO traffic may be due to the fact that we have achieved a large number of links in a week, that the onsite has been perfectly optimized or because for some external reason the web page has been a trend , people have searched for it and have arrived there .

Being able to identify all these points is what makes any person a good analyst and a good SEO. Note: The Google Trends platform gives you the option of corroborating search trends for the name of a specific brand, a section or a product that has had sudden SEO traffic growth. Traffic per landing: Laslanding pages have quickly replaced keywords that have been losing effectiveness in identifying the origin of traffic. Knowing which is the keyword that is destined on each page, it is really easy to be able to identify the traffic that each keyword is receiving. On the other hand, when variations and long tail are considered, we see that it is necessary to refer to an approach that is more inclined towards a theme than a rigid set of keywords. Profile of links: This element is a determining factor in the evolution of a website. One guarantee that website visits will skyrocket Taiwan Database is that new domain links are constantly being obtained . In addition, you must have a good on-page optimization. For the aforementioned reason, it is very important to include the link profile within the important and essential parameters of the campaign to be carried out. Any client you are working with will not be able to see this information as easily as it could see the rankings; that is why many times they do not care. That is why, in a prominent way it is necessary tofinding the balance to educate the client to know what an important metric is and not to give too much importance to a metric that they still cannot understand . Competitor information: Within an SEO report, you must give information about what others are really doing and not just focus on the data of the competitor’s links. Nor should we fall into the comparison of the visibility of each of them through tools and rankings.

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