What is Growth Hacking and how is it applied?

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What is Growth Hacking and how is it applied?

You may have already heard this term, Growth Hacking , if you are around the world of Marketing. But if it is still not clear to you what it is, why it works or what are the steps to carry it out, we are going to tell you! What is Growth Hacking? Growth Hacking is a set of techniques that aim to grow quickly in your company, either in users, income or impacts according to your objective, and with the least possible expense and effort. We can deduce that, if Growth Hacking seeks to grow with the least expense and effort , one of the sectors that is most likely to carry out these techniques are startups, since, normally, they do not usually have large financial resources telephone guatemala in the beginning but at least they seek to grow with few resources. “But then, is it only applicable to companies that have just started in the market or small companies?” No way. These techniques can be applied to your own business regardless of its size. And one of the questions that come to mind is: Who can do this job? Growth Hacker Characteristics Growth hacker Although there is no specific training to be a “Growth Hacker”, it is clear that certain knowledge and skills are needed to apply these strategies, such as: Content Marketing. Sales and conversion techniques . Management of Social Networks. Web design and development. Web analytics / SEO. As well as being a creative, curious, analytical, flexible person, eager to innovate, investigate and update to the latest in technology.

How to apply Growth Hacking 1. Fit your product in the market Starting from the fact that we will already have analyzed the market, the competition and our target audience, it is not only worth selling your service or product in an original and creative way. What you are offering has to be able to solve some type of need of your buyer person . As much as we promote something, we don’t have to make it work if no one needs it. 2. Analyze the market and your audience Once our service or product is on the market , we have to analyze the behavior within it and our potential consumers. This will also help us to forge the path of our audience to reach us in the best way. How do we analyze this situation? We can use the well-known ” conversion funnel “. This funnel will be different based on our business, but the objective is basically to be able to create a kind of behavior map of our users. 3. Define achievable goals Achieving growth is a general objective but not at all defined. In order to reach it, first we have to define objectives that are more realistic, specific, measurable, achievable and with a time limit to meet them, that is, what are called SMART objectives (which we will talk about in future posts) and that we little by little they will lead to the final goal.

It is more than proven that, when we can see how we reach our next goal (a specific objective), it is much more likely that we will achieve it because it becomes achievable for us, while if the objective is very far and takes us a long time. (general objective) we are not usually clear on how to move forward and it ends up dispersing. For example: Too broad objective: increase web traffic. Most appropriate specific objective: reach a certain number of visits in a month. 4. Measure, test, scale Without analysis, the objectives lose their meaning, because why do we want an objective if we do not know when we have reached it? And how do we know? Measuring Taiwan Database and analyzing the results. Not only is it worth extracting the data, we also have to know how to interpret it. And once we interpret them, we can do tests through A / B tests to see what we achieve a greater number of conversions and, therefore, what the public prefers. If you don’t get very good results at first, don’t worry! The beginnings are usually difficult, you just have to be patient and be attentive. Don’t be afraid to experiment either. Even the smallest thing can make a difference.

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