What is LinkedIn?

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What is LinkedIn?

Most of you already know LinkedIn, but do you really know how it works? If you only use it to find work using your resume, you are missing the best of this social network and you still have a lot to take advantage of it. But do not worry! We all start out using it like this until we really discover all the juice we can get out of it. Let’s see how to do it then. First we are going to be clear about what it is and how it works. What is LinkedIn? LinkedIn is basically a social network for establishing business and work relationships. These professional relationships india phone number that we believe will be the ones that will help us find work using our best professional facet. And how do we achieve this? Trying to use all the possibilities you have, which are not few. Attentive because on LinkedIn we can have: Personal profiles Company Pages Discussion groups Private messaging Publication of articles Work offers Slide presentations Advertising And taking advantage of all these options that it gives us, is when we can achieve: Publicize the news related to your brand , if you are a company. Make advertising . Locate professionals in particular fields and be in contact with them, as well as making it easier for others to locate you. Search for new jobs .

Build a network of contacts that help you generate business and job opportunities, that is, networking . To understand everything better, we are going to distinguish it from the rest and thus clear up possible doubts. What is LinkedIn not? If you had to publish to your circle of followers that you are having tea, you would do it differently depending on the social network in which you say it, right? For example: “I like to drink tea” – Facebook. “I’m drinking # tea” – Twitter. “Professional with more than 5 years of experience in preparing and drinking tea” – LinkedIn. You see the difference? LinkedIn is not Facebook LinkedIn publications, which at first glance may resemble those of Facebook, are a very good tool to publicize articles related to our company or our professional interests, but it is better not to publish with the same frequency that we would have on Facebook or we could be spamming ourselves. LinkedIn is not Twitter Although we can have a direct conversation with other users, we will not enter, for example, in debates about politics, religion or football as we would in networks that can be more informal, such as Twitter.

We are going to establish professional relationships and create a valuable bond, but it is not a network of friends to spend time talking with. Remember the professional image! LinkedIn is not Infojobs It is not a website dedicated to finding a job so you don’t have to leave your resume and wait for someone to look at you, but it is a very good tool to find it. The key difference is that the goal of LinkedIn is to build relationships and demonstrate professional value, but it is not to be a job portal. The keys to LinkedIn After all, we can say and assure you that Taiwan Database LinkedIn is perfectly summed up in these four keywords: Marketing , Advertising , Networking , Linked . And remember that in the professional relationships that you create you always have to have a real interest in common, without forgetting the personal side so as not to focus solely on work and thus add more value to these relationships. You already know which is the main and most important professional network that currently exists.

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