What is organic positioning?

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What is organic positioning?

Do you want to know what organic positioning is and know its fundamental aspects? Are you interested in mastering it to carry out your own project? If you wonder how to position your website, stay and pay attention to this post. Today I tell you how organic positioning works and I explain the best techniques to be at the top. What is organic positioning? When a user performs a search on Google or any other search engine, they find a series of results that correspond to different sites and web pages. The set of optimization techniques for a web page to position itself in search engines is what organic positioning consists of. Mastering organic positioning is important so that your website appears as high as possible when a user does a search in the search engine through certain  Chile Phone Number List  keywords. If your page reaches the first search results, it is much more likely that users will enter it. The pages that occupy the first search results are the ones that receive the most visits and, therefore, have the best conversion possibilities. In fact, as a user, do you usually get to the second page of results? Rarely, right? The second page of Google is the best place to hide a corpse. Differences between natural positioning and paid positioning Organic positioning is also known as natural positioning . It is called natural positioning because it is the location or position that a web page takes directly in the search results . Within web positioning, it is possible to distinguish between organic positioning and paid positioning .

One of the main differences between natural positioning and paid positioning is that only Google’s algorithms intervene in the former . In other words, there is no economic consideration that could interfere with the organic positioning. Another difference between natural positioning and paid positioning is time . Organic positioning is more focused on the medium-long term . Natural positioning involves a whole strategy and the execution of various techniques to achieve a good positioning that lasts over time. On the other hand, the paid positioning is ideal if what you are looking for are immediate results to attract the maximum possible traffic in a specific period of time. It is important to clarify that although natural positioning is free, the best positions are not for those who pay the most, it has other costs associated with SEO work. The SEO professional who carries out your organic positioning strategy has a reward. In addition, for a precise SEO work, it is necessary to use digital marketing tools , many of them paid. Organic positioning techniques There are various organic positioning techniques and each professional has their favorites. The SEO positioning , another name with which we can refer to organic positioning, requires mastery of a number of techniques to be successful. Adjust your keywords The choice of keywords will determine your SEO strategy to a great extent. A good choice of keywords can help you get to the top.

However, poor keyword decision making can ruin an entire strategy. When choosing keywords it is important that they fit the theme of your website and that they are natural. Try to be precise when adjusting your keywords to the topic and make them perfectly describe what the user will find when they enter your page. If you want to improve your SEO , it is essential that you find a balance between search volume and keyword competitionto find the right keyword. Do not forget to review the related terms, they can give you good ideas. Master SEO On page The professional who dominates SEO On Page has a lot to win. The Seo On Page , also known as SEO On Site consists of various techniques used to optimize the natural positioning within a web page . Some of the fundamental aspects of SEO On Page are the following: The goals (title and description), the structure of the contents (H1, H2, H3), the optimization of URLs , image optimization , the density  Taiwan Database of the keywords , the sitemap , the robot.txt , the web speed and, the internal and external links Take advantage of SEO Off Page The SEO Off Page is in various actions taken out of your website but help to improve your organic positioning. SEO On Site is essential to create a good positioning base, but the truth is that taking advantage of SEO Off Page is essential to dominate the rankings.

Some of the most effective SEO Off Page actions have to do with creating a link building strategy , having a presence in social networks and actively participating in them, commenting on blogs and forums specialized in the subject of your website , and practicing guest blogging ( post articles on third-party blogs). Now that you know a little more about natural positioning and organic search, I encourage you to put it into practice so that the page is as high as possible in the search results. Do you know any other techniques to master natural positioning? Feel free to share them with us through the comments.

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