What is SEO on Youtube

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What is SEO on Youtube

If SEO is a set of techniques used for a website to achieve a good position in search results, SEO on YouTube is a set of techniques used for a video or channel to position itself on this platform , achieve visibility, generate traffic and attract many subscribers. How does the YouTube search engine algorithm work? Search engines cannot understand the information in images or videos, so YouTube SEO relies on traditional SEO . This is how you can understand both the information, the data in the file or the data that we have included in the video title (description, tags, file name …). If you know about SEO marketing (optimizing a web page for Google correctly in SEO), you will know how to optimize a video for YouTube in SEO, since the differences cell phone cambodia are minimal. In addition, this last social network is owned by Google and they share a large amount of data and search algorithms. Thus, all the data that you register with Google will be understood by YouTube and its search engine will trust the data that Google shows it. The videos are positioned taking into account various factors . The most important thing is that the title, description or content of the video perfectly matches the viewer’s search, so all the videos that have generated the most engagement in a search will make sure that the viewers find it.

Youtube positioning Tips and tricks to position your videos in YouTube search Keywords First of all, you should start by searching for the keywords . This process, in addition to being one of the most important, will help you organize your content. How can you do it? Either in a traditional way (write something on YouTube and brainstorm with related words) or using tools like Google Trends or Ubersuggest . file name The second step is to name the video file that you are going to upload to the platform, since YouTube cannot understand what is inside the video and its reference will be the name of the file that you decide to put. For example, if your video file appears like this “ DSC1245378143.mp4 ” and you decide to rename it like “ how-to-use-google-youtube.mp4 ”, YouTube will be able to understand what the video you are going to upload is about. Qualification Then choose a powerful title and use your keywords . This step will be decisive, since your video will be considered by the YouTube algorithm thanks to the video title, which will have to be simple and exact. Although depending on how impressive the title is, your video will get more or less click-through rates, it is important that you do not mislead the audience and the title contains words related to the video.

The importance of writing Fourth, write a VERY LONG description of the video , as it is a great opportunity to attract and hook your audience, as well as provide useful information. Descriptions can help you and gain more subscribers. Youtube SEO Subtitle The fifth step is to spend time adding subtitles or Closed Caption to the video . This is of great help in achieving greater visibility and favorable positioning. Even if you waste time adding subtitles manually, your video will reach people with hearing disabilities or foreigners who use the platform’s automatic translator. Labels Next, we recommend that you assign tags to your video on YouTube according to the SEO strategy that you are going to follow. Tags make your video easier to find, as long Taiwan Database as the tags you use are popular, well-known, and important. To do this, spend time and investigate which labels have been the most searched by your target audience. Personalized cover The next thing you will have to do is create a custom cover for your video. Although the platform itself creates them automatically by selecting a capture of your video, the statistics confess that only those who personalize the covers of their videos perform better on their channel. The key is to use striking images, being faithful to the content of the video.

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