What is the collective intelligence of a blog?

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What is the collective intelligence of a blog?

Collective intelligence is probably one of the most powerful assets of a blog. Don’t be afraid that readers know more than you do. I bring good news. Your blog is smarter than you. Don’t worry, it’s not to offend. I’m not calling anyone a fool with this. It is a very positive thing. Even if Einstein had had his own blog, his case would not have been different from those with a more modest or “normal” level of intellect, let’s say. Collective Nigeria Phone Number List photo rights Let’s start with the basics. What is this of the collective intelligence of a blog? Since when is software smarter than a person? Well now that I think about it there were cases in the world of chess but let’s get to the point. “Collective intelligence is a form of intelligence that arises from collaboration […]” This is how the definition in Wikipedia begins that already helps me to explain my point. In my observation, few bloggers benefit 100% of the hidden potential in the form of collective intelligence that their readers could bring to them. It is not only a selfish benefit but an asset that if brought to light brings advantages to the entire blog community .

“It’s very good, but … how does this work, some will say?” I will give you some examples that I usually do around here: Receive feedback to validate a business idea and detail or complement it.Launch a participatory post to have a broader experience. Answer questions from readers with the help of other readers through comments like in this post . Launch actions to promote tips and advice among the members of a blog community as in this entry . How you have seen is something quite simple to do that does not require much. Blog readers (not all but some) want you to challenge them. They want to show that they can contribute something. They are interested in collaboration because they have understood that if you give a lot you will receive a lot in return. It is the most basic concept in life that if you have enough patience and overcome some disappointments with people who always come up, it will bring you much more than you invest.Nigeria Phone Number List

Challenge your readers, at least once in a while. Don’t let them be just “content consumers.” It is an essential way to activate and strengthen links in a community. Don’t be afraid that from time to time they know more than you do. It is normal and it Taiwan Database  will also help you learn more in less time. Try it and then tell me how it went … 🙂

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