What is the Conversion Funnel and what is it for?

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What is the Conversion Funnel and what is it for?

The funnel or conversion funnel are the steps, actions or pages that a customer has to go through to reach the conversion , that is, your goal. Be it a purchase, a subscription, a call, etc. There are several types of funnel, but the best known of them is the AIDA Funnel . These are the initials of four keywords that characterize the path to conversion. What does AIDA mean? AWARENESS. Stage of the funnel in which the main objective is to capture the customer’s attention. INTEREST. Once we have your attention, the next step is to create interest in the services or products. DESIRE. If we already have an interest in what we offer, awakening the desire list of india phone numbers to take action will be the next focus. ACTION. And finally, when you are convinced, we will have to carry out the action: a purchase, subscription, filling in a form, a call, etc. These stages can be included in 3 phases in which the Funnel is divided. And what are these phases? Conversion Funnel Phases As we have seen, there are different stages that a client goes through before reaching the goal. And since for each phase, the focus of attention is different, the logical thing is that the strategy is also different for each one of them, right? And, therefore, the attack tools will not be the same either.

Let’s go then with the phases of this funnel! TOFU (Top of the Funnel) Top of the Conversion Funnel Top of de Funnel It is the first phase of the funnel, where we can locate the attention stage and create interest towards the services , that is, the main objective is to attract the largest number of visitors. What is most important in this step is to disseminate content so that the user can arouse their interest and identify what they want. It can be done using, for example: CTA (Calls to action) Landing Pages Social media Blog E-books MOFU (Middle of the Funnel) Middle of the Conversion Funnel Middle of the Funnel This is the second phase of the funnel, where the interest in the user has already arisen and they already know what they need. Now what you want is to generate the desire for action , so you can now offer a more specific content with what you are looking for and that provides a solution to your problem.

That is why you have to know how he got here and why, to know how to accompany him until the last stage. Now we can better capture your attention with: Forms More advanced e-books Product demonstration videos Webinars Guides BOFU (Bottom of the Funnel) Conversion Funnel Bottom Bottom of the Funnel In the last phase of the funnel, the conversion is closed and the user is about to perform the action , so here we place the last stage of the AIDA cycle. Of course, not everyone will come here, only those who are really interested in our services will come. Now we can offer you: Free assistance Offers A free trial User community An audit A product demonstration Accompanies the user from the beginning to the end What we can Taiwan Database conclude is that with the conversion funnel what we achieve is to follow the client all the way , from when he discovers us until he performs the action. In this way, we will not miss any different situation that the client goes through and we will be able to understand the path that he travels to guide him to the end. Not all the way is the same, therefore, not all the way requires the same kind of attention. If you know your client and you know what they need, you will give them the solution and you will see each other at the end of the road!

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