What is the Instagram ID card?

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What is the Instagram ID card?

Have you heard about this functionality on Social Networks? It reminds a bit of Snapchat, but it is not about this one, but about Instagram, which had not released any new function from Instagram TV . This feature is called a name card or Nametag, and it is a very different method of adding new people. We are going to tell you all about her! 🙂 What is an Instagram ID card? The Instagram identification card is one more function to follow other people or who telephone number directory india can follow you. The funny thing about this method is that it allows you to do it using the camera of your smartphone with people who are physically present. That is, this time we do not need any type of QR code or the like. Just by showing the other person’s ID card and reading it with the camera, you can automatically search for it. But first, we have to create and personalize our own card.

But, don’t worry, because this step is very simple 🙂 How to create an Instagram ID card? From your Smartphone, in the upper right corner, we can enter the Instagram hamburger menu for the ID card option . instagram id card Once inside, we will see the option to choose a style for our ID card. These styles are: color, emoticons or selfie. instagram id cardinstagram id cardinstagram id card Depending on the style you have chosen, that will be the ID card that people who want to add you with this option using the camera will see. Now how do we add other people using this method? Let’s go to the next step! How to share an Instagram id card? Scan the ID card From the screen of our own card, at the bottom, we have the option to change to scan someone else’s card. Once we have given it, we will see our camera in operation.

Now we have to focus on the screen of the other person’s smartphone (who will have their profile with their card open at that moment) to be able to scan theirs. And ready! We would have added whoever we wanted in this way. In the event that we already have it, it would show us a different message. instagram id cardinstagram id cardinstagram id card Share through other APPs From the upper right corner, using the share icon, we can choose the app through Taiwan Database which we want to share the link to our Instagram. And that simple! instagram id card instagram id cardinstagram id card Have you already created your card? The new option doesn’t seem very complicated, does it? And much less when the official Instagram account on Twitter publishes in a video how to use it step by step. Here it is! 🙂

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