What is thin content and how can you avoid it

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What is thin content and how can you avoid it

Surely on more than one occasion you have heard of thin content and were not aware that there was a term to refer to it. In this post I tell you what thin content is , the types that exist, how it affects SEO and what you can do to avoid it on your website, blog or online store. What is thin content Thin content is a term that comes from English and that literally means poor content or content of little consistency . There are people who understand that thin content refers to the length of content and they confuse it with short content. Nothing is further from reality. Thin content does not imply that the content is short or of a certain length. It is poor or low quality content that does not add value to the user. How it can affect your website Thin content is detrimental to   Finland Phone Number List   a web page . It can affect positioning and increase the bounce rate. If a user comes to a web page in search of information about a product or service and finds low-quality content that does not add any value, he will surely choose to abandon it and try his luck on another web. It is important to be aware of the thin content to be able to solve it in time and stop that bleeding of abandonments on your website that only increases the bounce rate and reduces the time of stay or the number of page views.thin content Types of thin content Automatic content or auto-generated content Automatic content, also known as auto-generated content, is a type of thin content that is easily detectable by Google . Self-generated content is low-quality content that is normally introduced to a website by means of content automation tools . Among the automatic content it is not strange to find phrases and paragraphs copied from other websites and without any connection or meaning between them or low quality automatic translations.

Sites that use Black Hat SEO techniques often make these types of errors. Duplicate content Duplicate content is content that is repeated in more than one URL , either internal or external. It can be duplicate content from a third party website or duplicate content on different pages within the same site. Stolen content Stolen content is content that is copied and pasted directly from another website . The stolen content may or may not be of quality, what is clear is that it lacks originality and professional ethics. Take a look at these programs to detect plagiarism of content. Doorway pages Doorway pages, also known as doorway pages , are web pages created with the sole objective of improving positioning . The doorway pages do not take into account the usability of the user , but rather seek to redirect the traffic to the main web. Door pages are used to achieve good positions in specific search results and to be able to show the user several similar pages that lead to the same destination. If the user decides to discard the first result and discovers that the second and third lead to the same page, their experience will not be satisfactory. How to avoid it on your website My main recommendation to avoid thin content on your website is that you bet on your own and quality content . Write unique content through original texts that talk about what is on the page and add value to the user. The goal is to create content that is relevant and useful to users who come to your website from search results pages. Likewise, you can improve the user experience by using images , videos , infographics , graphics or tables that expand the information in the text. To find out if you have thin content on your site , you can check it with the following thin content checker : SemRush Screaming frog Google Search Console Copyscape Content SEO checker What to do if there is thin content on your website If you have reached this point, it is normal for you to wonder if there is thin content on your website. If so, I recommend that you replace it with quality content .

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Think of the user and try to satisfy him by offering him useful and relevant information. You can help yourself with techniques such as content curation , which will help you choose the content that can add value to your community, adapt and disseminate it. A common example of thin content can be found in the product sheets of some online stores. There are online stores that limit themselves to copying the information that the supplier or manufacturer provides and paste it directly into their product file. This practice is widespread and should be avoided. Clearly the product specifications need to be explained, but there are many ways to do it. You can talk about the advantages of a product, ways of use, recommended uses … In addition, by replacing thin Taiwan Database  content with quality content, you can improve the positioning of your website . Google tries to combat this type of content and if it detects that you are using suspicious techniques, it could apply a penalty to your website. Although it is true that thin content is not one of the most important factors when it comes to positioning a web page, it is interesting to take it into account. If you detect that on your website you have content of this type, I encourage you to solve it and you will see how you improve your web positioning.

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