What Is This Technique That Companies

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What Is This Technique That Companies

In this book about creativity, authors Drew Boyd and Jacob Goldenberg break the unwritten rule: think outside the box. They maintain that thinking without any kind of structure will not lead us to have creative ideas , but that the creative process must include adequate techniques to improve your ideas. For authors, more than inspiration, creativity is a good percentage of dedication . We believe that new and innovative products have to be very different from each other, but creative solutions share certain patterns that can be templated. These templates regulate thinking and channel the creative process to make you a more creative person. Most innovators around the world have used templates in their inventions for thousands of years, some without even realizing it.

Six Thinking Hats by Edward de Bono Six Thinking Hats by Edward de Bono This book is another bestseller in the world of creativity books. Written by Edward de Bono , famous for other books like “I’m Right, You’re Wrong” and “Lateral Thinking.” Even the concept of lateral thinking was coined for the first time by this author. The premise Saudi Arabia Phone Number which it starts is something that most have experienced: meetings are important for work but end up leading nowhere. The author proposes the creative technique of the six hats to obtain positive results from these meetings: it simplifies thinking by creating a unified focus on a topic. What is this technique that companies and governments have used?

How Does He Do It?

Generally, the problem that arises when solving a situation is that too many aspects must be taken into account at the same time. So this technique puts the focus on one aspect at a time. How does he do it? Each of the six imaginary hats represents a different style of thinking. Participants can put on and take off each hat to indicate what type of thinking they are using, you should give notice to others. What kind of thinking does each hat represent? White: Shows the facts and figures objectively. Historical trends are sought. Red: allows you to express feelings irrationally and more intuitively. Black: Represents critical thinking . It is the one that identifies dangers or problems and warns what could go wrong. Yellow: On the contrary, this is the positive and optimistic hat. It focuses on value.

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Green: is creative thinking, new ideas and change. Generates possible solutions to the problem raised. Blue: it is the hat of hats since it coordinates the meeting: it organizes the others, evaluates priorities and marks the limitations. The six hats have been shown to significantly reduce meeting time, improve the quality and speed of brainstorming and decision making. As you will see, finding creative ideas to solve a situation requires good technique and discipline. 5. Creativity, SA: How to take inspiration to infinity and beyond by Ed Catmull books on creativity for business The last book on creativity that we will recommend to you was written by none other than the co-founder of Pixar and current president of Walt Disney Animation Studios: Ed Catmull .

What Kind of Thinking Does Each Hat Represent?

The focus is on creativity to the business world. As it is for those leaders who want to promote creative intelligence in their. Team and establish a creative culture in their company. The author lays bare all the secrets of Pixar’s success. And shares the ideas and techniques that made it what it is today. Some of the tips you can find in this book on creativity are: Create trust in the people who work with you. You have to trust even when they are wrong. Have a good response to failure. Create an environment that is not by fear or failure so that people can grow. Take risks. The cost of preventing errors is usually greater than the cost of correcting them. Put your personal stamp on it. Creative businesses have a large personal part.

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