What is White hat SEO? – Definition and more Knowing the White hat SEO

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What is White hat SEO? – Definition and more Knowing the White hat SEO

Today we are going to talk about the cleanest and safest variant of SEO positioning : the White hat SEO . Here’s why this type of strategy is so important. In the broad world of SEO, there are two concepts in terms of strategies to follow. On the one hand, the White hat SEO is the ideal representative of the right thing . And on the other, Black hat SEO has been the bad guy, in the sense of ‘dangerous’ . Head over to our post talking about Black Hat SEO to get to know it in depth. These two terms are basically SEO philosophies . Although in meanings and theory they are different, this does not mean that they are incompatible. For that reason, some prefer to use what is a chinese phone number the term ‘Gray hat’ , since techniques are used from one side and the other. We will explain it a little more. What determines when SEO is good or bad? The answer is this: Google. The basic element is if you do things to the letter (according to Google guidelines). On the other hand, if you want and need to speed up the positioning process and try to manipulate the search results, it is possible that sooner or later they will realize this and you will fall in the SERPs in an abrupt way. Keep in mind that Google has the largest share of the search market. He is the one who establishes the rules and imposes the penalties. Definitions: White hat SEO – Black hat SEO – Gray hat In the first instance, the White hat SEO encompasses the techniques most recommended by search engines , transparent, ethical and non-penalisable. In conclusion, it is the most legal and fair way to do SEO .

These are the techniques that must be taken into account and are within the analysis when we do an SEO audit. On the other hand, and in contrast to the White hat SEO, we find the Black hat SEO . This seeks to achieve a fast positioning, using unethical techniques or strictly prohibited in the guidelines of the search engines. This, in the long run, usually results in different penalties. And finally and in the middle of these two concepts, we find the Gray hat , which tries to force the limits of what is allowed, but without being as risky as the Black hat SEO . White hat SEO techniques This term includes the following techniques: Value-added content: The commonly used phrase ” content is king ” is applied in its entirety in White hat SEO. With content that is of high quality, and that offers added value for the user , natural links can be generated that will be established voluntarily by the different users. This is controlled by Google through Google Penguin . Keywords: Something that is very important for White hat SEO, is an arduous research on keywords, as well as the use of said words in texts, images and metadata, among others.

It should be noted that keyword stuffing is not part of these methods. Links: A taboo that we can find in the White hat SEO is the construction of unnatural links . Instead, the strategies that are created on social media are generally followed to support the building of natural bonds. OnPage optimization: This optimization has a lot of potential, including metadata, optimization of page navigation and search, good use of synonyms and URL structures. Advantages that we can achieve Ethics: If it is possible to be among the first positions with the use of White hat SEO , this means that it is being applied in a good way and, in addition, it is providing real value Taiwan Database to users. This element is especially important, since Google has Google Panda . Thanks to this ‘animal’, Google controls the quality of content on websites, penalizing those of low quality or thin content . Security: White hat SEO search engine positioning techniques have the guarantee that you will not run any risk of being penalized by Google, since this will not happen. It is because they follow their own directions to the letter without trying to deceive. Stability: The pages that usually use Black hat SEO , may get a very good positioning and quickly. Keep in mind that they run the risk of being caught and penalized in the long run.

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