What URL shortener do I use? Alternatives to Google URL Shortener

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What URL shortener do I use? Alternatives to Google URL Shortener

Surely on more than one occasion you have used a URL shortener to make your links shorter. According to SEO experts, it seems that the use of URL shorteners does not lead to any negative impact on SEO . What’s more, shortened URLs are regarded by search engines as common 301 redirects. Therefore, considering using them is a good option. Although there are many services of this type, one of the best known is the Google URL shortener or Google URL Shortener. If with the Google URL Shortener shutdown you don’t know which URL shortener   Guatemala Phone Number List  to use, read on. In this post I bring you the best alternatives to Google URL Shortener. Goodbye to Google URL Shortener Some time ago Google announced the closure of Google URL Shortener. Well, that day has already come. Now when accessing the Google URL Shortener service at we read this message: Google URL Shortener was launched in 2009 as a tool to shorten URLs and share links easily. The service was no longer available since last April 13 for all those users not previously registered. However, to smooth the transition, Google does allow registered users to continue using the platform until March 30, 2019. The emergence of social networks, especially the rise of Twitter, favored the popularity of link shorteners. Thanks to a URL shortener, it is possible to share links that take up less space very easily. A link shortener converts a long URL to a shorter one.

Firebase Dynamic Links, the replacement for Google URL Shortener Google’s intention is to replace Google URL Shortener with Firebase Dynamic Links (FDL). Firebase Dynamic Links consist of smart URLs that allow the implementation of links adapted to each platform. Firebase Dynamic Links favors the best experience available for the platform on which the user opens the link. If a user opens a Dynamic Link on Android or on iOs, you can drive them to the content linked to your native application, while if the user opens a Dynamic Link from a computer, you can take them to the same content on your website. The best alternatives to Google URL Shortener If you are a Google URL Shortener user, it is normal that you are thinking of alternatives to supply this service. If you were registered on the platform, you will still be able to use Google’s URL shortener until March 30, 2019. However, I recommend that you start considering other options now. These are some of the alternatives to Google URL Shortener that I recommend: Bitly It is one of the best known and used link shorteners. It is a very complete, intuitive and easy-to-use URL shortener. is ideal for users who positively value design and ease of use of tools. If what you liked about Google URL Shortener was that it had Google behind it, perhaps is the best option for you. is Hootsuite’s URL shortener, an old acquaintance of community managers and social media managers. TinyArrows: TinyArrows is a URL shortener that has the particularity of allowing symbols to be added to the URL. With TinyArrows you can create more attractive links to try to attract the attention of your followers. smartURL: smartURL is a very complete URL shortener that offers different functionalities beyond shortening links. If you are looking for a professional URL shortener, smartURL is a great option. Tiny URL: Tiny URL is one of the longest-lived link shorteners and that’s always a plus in its favor. Although its design is not the most attractive, it works perfectly to shorten URLs. What is the best URL shortener? The answer to this question is complicated. I would not dare to say which URL shortener is the best, since each tool is different   Taiwan Database  and each one of them has its peculiarities. While it is true that Google itself recommends the use of both and As with almost everything in life, it’s a matter of taste. There are people who prefer an intuitive and easy-to-use URL shortener, people who prefer a URL shortener that offers additional functionality, and users who value an attractive design more when using a URL shortener. If you are looking for an alternative to Google URL Shortener and you are not clear about it, I encourage you to try all the ones I have mentioned and choose the one you like the most. One of the most important things when it comes to work is to feel comfortable with the tools we use.

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