What you should know about your subscribers before reaching out to them

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What you should know about your subscribers before reaching out to them

About to launch your blog and with it your list of subscribers? Here’s what you should know before you get down to it. I haven’t written about blogging for a long time . It’s already playing, right? There is something curious about the topic of subscribers with my blog. For the first three years I didn’t have a list beyond UAE Phone Number List . To begin with, I have done the typical thing that people do: offer a free book. In my case, I think it really deserves the name “book” because it has around 150 pages. Fotolia photo rights

After 4 years I think there are about 14,000 registered readers who, on average, receive one email per month. It is a fairly modest figure with what other bloggers may have. I’m also not overly concerned because my blog is not my main source of income . It is more of an indirect channel. But I wasn’t going to talk to you about that. Every mailing that I have sent in the last few months I have saved it on my hard drive. I am also giving you a number. I go for “mailing45” and every time when I make a new one I am surprised. It should be noted that I only send to people who have previously registered. Obviously I’m not going around “stealing” emails from anyone to spam them . Here I will give you a brief summary of “curious” things that I have come across in 4 years:

People who threaten to sue you for spam issues .
People who ask you “who are you?”, “Why are you sending me this?”
Some attack you irrationally for no obvious reason.
Readers in South America who ask you not to send them more emails because they take too long to download them because their connection is bad.
But luckily these things also happen:UAE Phone Number List

Specific requests to write about some particular topics.
People who ask you for help and advice for their projects.
Readers who thank you for all that you have taught them in recent months and years.
The good news is that the first is the Taiwan Database exception. The work of blogging for so long is incredibly rewarding. There are people who ask me why after so long I keep writing daily when there are others who have more traffic. You already know it…;)

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