WhatsApp Web, how to use it in the company?

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WhatsApp Web, how to use it in the company?

The appearance of WhatsApp in its web version ( WhatsApp Web ) has always been a demand by users for quite some time. It has always been necessary for the popular messaging application to offer the option of being able to be used through a personal computer. The communication within the company In the field of corporate use, the fact of having the limitation of not having a version for computers was a great handicap for WhatsApp . In addition, it was a great benefit for its large competitors, who did see the potential of business use of communication cell phone service in ecuador systems to maintain large volumes of interactions. But the truth is that they have finally made the leap and now you can enjoy a series of profits and benefits within the company itself . Customer service channel Customer service chats are increasingly widespread on the web pages of companies that offer services to users. With the web version of the popular messaging service, we will be able to offer totally personalized attention.

It is true that it has always been possible to use this application to be in contact with the customer , but we always depended on the Internet connection of mobile devices. Now, we will have greater freedom and, as an addition, we will have greater facility to provide the user with additional information. An example is the case of invoices or contract numbers while the corresponding procedures are being carried out. A new way to share content with whatsapp web There is the possibility of creating alerts for subscribers to receive. We can think that this already exists, as for example, through the newsletter . However, it is much more convenient to receive these notifications directly on the mobile phone or on the desktop of the computer. Going a little further, from now on it will be much easier to copy and paste links in the conversations that we consider appropriate. With WhatsApp web it will also be much easier to share information between people within the same company , which will greatly facilitate the development of work. whatsapp web a great marketing tool There has always been talk of the possibilities that WhatsApp offered to companies in the world of marketing.

The fact of facilitating the sharing of information maximizes this marketing tool . When only the mobile version was used, we were required to make the advertising landing pages responsive. That is to say, that it supports a visualization through any type of screen. Internal communication channel We must be clear that any application today is not exempt from attacks to steal all kinds of information. That is why it is important to be clear about what type of information Taiwan Database can be transmitted through these channels and which ones cannot. Having said that, this messaging application offers a communication channel that is widely established between users and the employees themselves. In addition, it has a very low cost. These characteristics make it an excellent communication tool among the employees themselves. The truth is that WhatsApp web offers a new world of possibilities that we should not miss.

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