Whether these reviews are positive or negative

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Whether these reviews are positive or negative

They will help you analyze how your business is working and where you should improve. It is very important that you set your goal here, as comments can increase bookings or sink the company. Boost Google My Business with posts, respond to comments, and use other review platforms or portals like TripAdvisor. You can also geolocate all the images on your website so that Google has more signs of where your tourism company is located. Here is a tool for it: Geoimgr . You will see how this works very well if there are positive comments. google my business example hotel 7. Content marketing content marketingHaving a solid content strategy on your website and networks will always be a plus for them to find you. Advantage? Brands with blogs that how to find telephone number of a person in india spread their content tend to receive higher conversion rates (bookings). In addition, you will be able to increase engagement with the digital tourist and position yourself as a benchmark in the sector thanks to useful content. Another reason why you should carry out content marketing is that you will improve the positioning of the web (SEO). If you offer content that entertains, helps solve a problem or instructs in the area, Google will value it and improve the positioning. In addition, consequently, you will attract customers. It sounds easy, but it takes your job. A tool that I recommend you to do a good job is SEMrush .

Another option is to have a lead magnet (for example, a downloadable ebook) so that people leave you their data and you can send them your newsletter. You can improve the branding of your business and also encourage reservations. Finally, developing an application for your business and promoting downloads can be an effective action, but this is already a step for more advanced projects. 8. Video marketing videomarketingCreating impressive videos is an essential action in tourism marketing. Multimedia content sells almost everything by itself, since it allows to show the products and services of the tourism sector in an attractive way and generating sensations. Start with the resources offered by Instagram Stories, IGTVs and Reels to share a sunrise on the beach, a couple in love or a walk up a mountain. In the case of Tik Tok, go ahead and promote the hashtag challenges that consist of challenging the user to upload content under a specific tag in order to virilize it. In this case you can sponsor the challenge and get an exclusive banner in the “Search” tab. Also, here is a list of other options offered by video marketing to promote your tourism business: Virtual reality : To teach customers as protagonists of the tours. Storytelling : A good story never goes out of style to get your brand to connect. Of course, it is essential that you tell stories that hook. Podcast : Although associated with radio, these are video interviews that you can post in the form of podcasting, YouTube, or Vimeo. This format serves to generate feelings of closeness and trust. Vlogging : It is an effective way to communicate with clients.

Tourism companies use it on YouTube to show the human side of the brand as values, routine, activity of the work team. Live streaming : Make live videos on social networks. People will feel that you speak to them directly and more closely. 360 ° Video : Help users really immerse themselves in the world of your business. In this case, a tourist area or product related to this sector. Among the examples of video marketing is “Benidorm, a thousand lives to live” promoted by the Hosbec company. The campaign consisted of recording tourists in funny scenes and then mounting them with the chroma key technique in emblematic images of Benidorm. Conclusion: Do I need a marketing plan for my tourism-related business? Spanish tourism is going through Taiwan Database a somewhat bitter situation. Experts estimate the losses from COVID19 at more than 9 billion euros. That is why it is important to have a plan to enhance the marketing of your company. But if you are a bit lost in this area, I put my team at your disposal. > Fill in this form and we will contact you. As Antoine de Saint-Exupéry said “ a goal without a plan is just a wish ”. So orient your strategy to be creative, bet on clear and direct communication with customers, take advantage of the impact of social networks to transmit confidence and tranquility.

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