Why am I hardly moderating comments or participating in networks?

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Why am I hardly moderating comments or participating in networks?

Lately I myself have the feeling that I have disappeared from the map. It’s a really nice situation. Here I explain the reasons behind.
As usual this August I am the first to arrive at the office. It is ideal because I have the peace of mind to collect my thoughts and also do things like this. Write the daily post. Italy Business Phone List Stock photo rights Seth Godin confirms me The other day before going to sleep I saw a video on Youtube where Seth Godin participated . One of the gods of marketing worldwide . Those who follow this blog a little longer and / or know me know that this man is a reference for me. It’s an example to follow. During the interview , the question arose as to why he wrote every day on his blog but did not participate in social networks. My attention at this time was total since 5 years ago I wrote daily and in the last 2 years I participate less and less on Twitter (which was my only active social network).

If I already identified with this marketing character, after his response even more. And it was something like this in a very summarized way: “if you want to do something really well, you have to do only that.” I can’t and I don’t want to be in everything
It goes very much in line with what I have finally realized. One of those things that everyone tells you and that you like to think until the end that it does not apply to you . Only idiots don’t change their minds so I allow myself the luxury of changing course. This still deserves a separate entry where I will tell which businesses I am going to focus on more in the near future and which ones I am going to discard.Italy Business Phone List

Writing for me goes way beyond creating a personal brand or other nonsense. In this recent post you can see the real reasons that move me to write in a blog . I also love it. I am clear that the next few years are going to be tough. My goals are more ambitious than ever and the sacrifice to achieve them has to be equal . I can’t, sorry, I don’t want to sacrifice time replying / moderating comments or writing on Twitter. I would be moving away from Taiwan Database my goals. I take time away from my job or worse, from my family. In life you have to make decisions. Maybe this now makes him not such a cool entrepreneur anymore. But you know what? You can’t have it all!

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