Why An Editorial Calendar Doesn’t Work For You

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Why An Editorial Calendar Doesn’t Work For You

One of the first things they teach you when it comes to getting started blogging is the editorial calendar. I’ve been with this for 5 years and have never used one. I am about to embark for Barcelona. I will be all morning with meetings. I have also used lunchtime to network and in the afternoon I teach the Facebook Ads Course. Then a friend picks me up because this time I will not go back and forth the same day and so I take the opportunity to find out how his life is going in greater depth than a phone call would give. editorial Lithuania Phone Number List photo rights The only space to write and schedule the daily post I have during the flight. So I have already started to write while I observe how the first passengers are already boarding. What am I telling you about my life for?

Why an Editorial Calendar Isn’t for Everyone
I consider myself a creative person, so my posts arise on impulse and spontaneously. Now I still do not know what I will write about tomorrow but the experience of the last 3 years has shown me that I do not have to worry because I will find it. Many readers have asked me if I use an editorial calendar to be able to publish with such high frequency. Likewise, before continuing, let us briefly answer what an editorial calendar consists of. As the name indicates, it is a document that supports the blogger in planning the themes for his blog . In this way you already know 1-4 weeks in advance what you are going to write. I will be honest with you. An editorial calendar would kill my blog because it would turn off creativity . It is my particular case but on a day like today having to write about a topic that I have planned weeks ago would be extremely difficult for me. When I’m under pressure I need to write about something that comes naturally to me and seems to touch me at that moment. It is very likely that an editorial calendar would rarely fit with my thematic preferences to play. How an Editorial Calendar Could Work Well Clearly, what works for me doesn’t necessarily have to be someone else’s case. There are bloggers who need a plan because they have a different personality than mine . There are people who need that security that planning brings. I “invent” the content at the time I write when others have already invested previous hours of research and have a plan before starting to write. It is also clear that if you are a journalist or writing is your profession, it is very possible that some kind of planning is inevitable even for the most creative people.Lithuania Phone Number List

Also in these cases it can be useful to leave some margin to be able to be spontaneous. My ideal editorial calendar would work as follows: 50% planning with margin : there must always be room for creativity. The best ideas can emerge instantly and require immediate writing so they don’t disappear like a fleeting thought. The topics can be moved : even if you plan to write on Tuesday about “vegetarian cooking” there must be the flexibility to move the topics and advance “vegetarian recipes with fruits” that was scheduled for Thursday but now I feel like it more. Weekly Changes : Let’s say I plan my topics 4 weeks in advance. In this case it may make sense to apply a weekly review to move, modify, add and remove ideas from the editorial calendar. With each day that progresses we know more than the previous one and that must be reflected in the blog in Taiwan Database  that way at all times. An editorial calendar doesn’t work for everyone, but it can work for many. You don’t have to have a bad conscience for having any because you won’t be the only weirdo in that regard. When the frequency of publication increases and you get paid to write it is a tool that can make sense to improve your planning. Even so, you should reserve spaces and design it flexibly so that you do not lose the creative part that you carry within you.

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