Why despite losing readers with each new post you shouldn’t worry

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Why despite losing readers with each new post you shouldn’t worry

With every post you publish on your blog, you lose readers. Do not despair. It is a healthy and necessary process for any blogger. With how complicated it is. Get new readers I say. Now I come and tell you that publishing new content makes you lose some of what you have already conquered. Don’t panic, it’s not that bad! Now I’ll explain it to you because it’s actually a good thing. Lose Taiwan Phone Number List photo rights Why does a reader stop following a blogger In the past I already touched on part of the “phenomenon” in a post to call it something. The relationship between blogger and reader usually has an end. It is something relatively normal if you take into account that people evolve. It doesn’t always have to be the case, but today even couples that you think will always be together split up. Some of the reasons why a reader stops following a blog you would not always expect. A change of job and field of action so that the blogger’s topics are no longer relevant to the reader. Not all readers are passionate followers of the subject but may have a purely professional interest. The reader has reached the level of knowledge of the blogger so he no longer has much new to tell him. It would not be the first time that a student surpasses his teacher. If this happens to you, you can feel proud as a blogger because you have put your two cents in that person’s learning path.

Blogger disconnection due to lack of attention . This can happen if the blogger ignores his community and does not respond to emails or questions in comments as he should (it seems that this point is autobiographical). The blogger begins to market his blog . Not all readers take it well when they suddenly realize that there are banners on the web and receive emails to sell you something. Readers’ reactions can sometimes be violent. I have seen surprising things to call it something. The quality of the content drops significantly . If the blogger does not evolve, he runs the risk of reaching a point of stagnation and not being able to tell anything new. I have also lived through this phase (if we are strict, this paragraph also brings existing content to light in an updated way) where you “hide” with summaries and “Best of” of already published entries. Why Losing Some Readers Isn’t Necessarily A Bad Thing
Do not get me wrong. I don’t want to sell you the bike. If from one day to the next you lose 20% of your readers, that is not something very positive. You have to have done something serious for that to happen. It is not usual. I estimate that this blog loses 10-20 readers every week . It was the number of people who unsubscribed when I was still receiving Feedburner notifications. Taiwan Phone Number List

Some even do it without realizing it. Many readers follow a blog via RSS feed or email subscription. An inbox cleaning can be the end of a blogger-reader relationship because for lack of new news, a website can fall into oblivion despite user interest. One of the things bloggers fear the most is getting off their subscriber list . Some even take it personally and eat their heads over the possible reasons. “What have I said or written so that these people are no longer interested in my content?” Unsubscribes are a healthy process that helps to improve the segmentation of the target audience because those who are really interested remain. The ideal in a blog is to have a specific theme because it avoids big surprises when publishing a new post (eg not receiving feedback because you realize that the content that you think is great is not really interesting). When your list of subscribers is increasing it is even advisable to do a proactive cleaning and delete e-mails. “By God but are you crazy?” No not at all. Keep in mind that apart from unsubscribes there is a significant amount that never opens your emails but deletes them directly . Instead of being deleted, there is also a bad habit of marking email as spam to prevent it from continuing to enter the main inbox. The size Taiwan Database of your list is only good for your ego but after a certain number a problem for your wallet (the more subscribers you have on your list, the more you have to pay as a monthly fee) especially if people completely ignore your shipments. It is relatively normal that after growing in subscribers the opening ratio may go down. Therefore proactively deleting those who are subscribed but never read to you is not going to change your life at all. Exactly the same number of people who came before to your content will continue to arrive. The next time a reader leaves you, don’t despair. You will know that it will be in a better place. Your blog is no longer …;)

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