Why Disney Is Using Star Wars To Sell Its Brand To Adult Consumers

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Why Disney Is Using Star Wars To Sell Its Brand To Adult Consumers

If you think of Disney, it is possible that the first thing you think of is Mickey Mouse, Elsa from Frozen, or some other content intended for children. Disney is a brand that we associate with childhood, often still with our own, and with the products for that market niche. But is Disney an empire for children?

The truth is that no, it is not. It is no longer just that Disney is actually an emporium that has accumulated many brands under its power  all phone number list  or that in its latest business movements, such as its commitment to VoD with Disney + , the target audience is very broad, but also that with its key brands it tries to reach adult markets.

Even Mickey Mouse, possibly his most recognizable product, is there and has the value that it has thanks to its power among adult audiences. Mickey Mouse is a brand valued at about 3,000 million dollars and its valuation comes from the pull it has among adults. Disney sells Mickey products by partnering with luxury companies, very niche companies in the adult market, or those that make products that no child would want (such as Moleskine). For adult consumers, Mickey is associated with their childhood and the happy memories of that period, true, but if they consume it now it is because the company has done specific positioning work for them.

The interest in the adult market is obvious: they are the ones who have money and they are the ones who allow the market to be massively expanded. The amount of things that can be sold in the children’s market are limited. Those that can be distributed among adults not so much. Therefore, it is not surprising to find that many movements of the Disney emporium use their most recognizable brands to reach that niche. It’s also what he does with Star Wars.

Why Disney Loves Adult Audiences
In fact, Disney’s latest big entertainment launch is a theme park, but one that isn’t going for the kids’ market. As explained in the analysis of Bloomberg , Disney will open this month its new park, Galaxy’s Edge , focusing on the universe Star Wars and he wants to reach the ‘guys of a certain age’ as noted in the analysis.

It is not the pastel world of Disneyland, but a space where there are activities for adults and alcohol is sold. One of the visitors who will go on its opening weekend and with whom the American media has spoken can serve as a benchmark of what this park offers and what those consumers are going to spend: the night in a hotel in the park For two people it has cost $ 800 (yes, a little more than 700 euros) and the tickets and the stay will not be his only expenses, since he hopes to buy lightsabers, souvenirs and DIY robots. The same budget is going to be spent on a weekend at that amusement park as was spent on a week in Ireland on the previous year’s holidays.

That is the reason why Disney wants to reach adults and why it is creating spaces in which its brands are oriented to them and not to children. Not only  all phone number list  do older fans have more purchasing power than the young couples with children they try to capture in their Disney parks, but on average they spend much more. In fact, even in its classic amusement parks, children are no longer the only niche to sign.

In recent years they have added attractions and actions / events that are designed for adults. With this they seek to reach new demographics (for example, parents with adult children who have left the nest) and also achieve an influx of public outside the school holidays.

The tourism data for Anheim, the California city where they have their Disney park and where the Star Wars space opens, have changed in recent years. Now, more than half of its tourists are adults who travel without children. Five years ago, families were the majority.

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