Why do you need an SEO expert?

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Why do you need an SEO expert?

SEO is something that, without a doubt, should not be lacking in any web page, whatever it is. That is why working with an SEO expert is essential today. SEO, although many may not know it, has been around for many years, specifically since 1993. It is said that search engines Wandex, Aliweb, and Webcrawler, were the ones that drove the birth of Search Engine Optimization . These search engines have nothing to do with the ones used today, they were very primitive; but they were the ones who created the need to have an SEO expert on the team. Later, the staging of SEO positioning had even more boom, from the moment that the search engines Yahoo !, Bing, and then Google arrived. In them, users knew and understood the true importance of web positioning . As the years went by, SEO experts were born and developed. This gives a new face to the importance of having a good web positioning to compete with so many existing sites on the cell number directory canada internet. Definition of SEO The word SEO is short for ‘Search Engine Optimization’ which in turn means ‘Search Engine Optimization’ . And it is a practice that basically consists of improving the visibility of a website within a search engine so that it appears better positioned in its organic results. SEO is also recognized as natural positioning, search engine optimization or organic positioning . The main objective of web positioning is to make a website appear among the highest positions in the organic search results, for one or more keywords that have been studied and selected previously and that are relevant to said website. With this, many more visits are obtained, a better and greater Internet traffic. The word SEO is also widely used to refer to the people who perform the positioning work (SEO experts).

Normally, the people who are dedicated to this tend to have a technical profile (web designers, programmers, among others), but with the constant and new trends in SEO, it is increasingly important to have knowledge about marketing and communication. A point to touch is that the SEO work is a medium or long term ; This means that many times the results are not so fast to notice and take a few months to achieve. The number of keywords or keywords to be positioned is limited, and depends on the number of pages the website is made of. SEO is a discipline within online marketing , as are some others such as SEM ( Search Engine Marketing ), SMM ( Social Media Marketing ), email marketing , etc. Types of SEO When we talk about types of SEO, we can say that it is divided into two groups: On-Site: On-Site SEO focuses on relevance; seeks to ensure that the website is optimized so that the search engine understands and captures the main thing , which is the content that it has. Within SEO On-Site, keywords optimization, loading time, code optimization, user experience and URL format are included. Off-Site: Off-Site is the part of SEO that focuses on factors external to the website you are working on. The most relevant factors of Off-Site SEO are the quality and number of links, presence in social networks, brand authority, mentions in local media and performance in search engine results; that is, the CTR that the results have in said engines. Why is SEO important?

The main reason why SEO implementation is necessary is because it makes your website much easier and more useful. Both for users and for the search engines they use, even if they do not see the web page as a human does. SEO is absolutely necessary to make search engines understand what each website is about and whether or not it is for users who are browsing the internet. In a more summarized and direct way, SEO is the best way to get your users to find you through the different search engines in which your website is more relevant or is better positioned. These users look for what you offer them; the best way to easily reach them is through the web positioning in a search engine. Why do you need to work with an SEO expert? Today , every company that has a Taiwan Database web page needs to work with an SEO expert , so that he or she adjusts its website and in this way, has a good positioning within search engines. The SEO expert must know how to perform different activities. Among these we find the research and search for keywords , creating and maintaining pages on Facebook, developing content strategies with original and useful material for users, among other activities.

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