Why I Agree With Seth Godin And His Blogging Philosophy Of Writing Every Day

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Why I Agree With Seth Godin And His Blogging Philosophy Of Writing Every Day

Seth Godin is one of the best known marketing authors in the world. He also has a blog where he publishes a post every day. I admit that with this title I go a bit too much. It’s easy to agree with the “God of Marketing” Seth Godin. It would have been more complicated (and interesting?) Not to be. We have had something in common for a long time. Peru Phone Number List godin No, it is not bald because luckily I still reserve all of my hair. It is more the fact of writing a daily post although it is true that he has been doing it much longer than I have. Likewise, the inspiration arose thanks to this post where they name you in the same sentence with the great Seth Godin and you can’t help but feel proud (yes, I know, I’m very weak). Already the second article about the author of the first marketing book that I read in my life this weekend. I promise to write less about Seth next week …;)

Just to research yesterday’s post I fell into an interview about his blogging philosophy . It was really curious to see how he did it (I say about the daily post). They also asked him about his motives and he said this: “… the only reason I blog is because I love it ”. He does not publish a post (or sometimes several posts) daily to earn money, but does it for pleasure. I remain convinced that you cannot add value without obtaining a benefit in return . He draws his from the happiness of helping and the pride of being disciplined. It does not say it as is but it is my interpretation. In the end, your blog (like mine) are indirect sources of income because you can attract customers for your products, projects and services. For that reason the pleasure is double. Habits like blogging often and regularly, writing down the way you think, being clear about what you think are effective tactics, ignoring the burbling crowd and not eating bacon. All of these are useful habits.

It’s funny to see their responses in the interview because they have a lot of the writing style on their blog. It does not give you a clear answer but wants you to interpret it according to your context to find your own truth . Writing makes you think. About what you do, who you are and what you want to do, ignoring for a moment the noise that can be generated by social networks. This is a free translation (and interpreted) of your comment to the question if it is useful for other people to adapt their habits. You can certainly learn some lessons about his blogging philosophy . Peru Phone Number List

He has an account on Twitter but does not interact with anyone or read their messages. Your blog comments are closed. It is something that many bloggers have copied. I can come to understand it because it is a factor that takes a lot of time if you do it well. This means responding to each of them. Over time I have been receiving less because the reader can get frustrated when he has no response from the blogger. It is totally understandable Taiwan Database  . The day has 24 hours and somewhere you always have to cut . It amazes me that I largely share his vision and philosophy of blogging. Writing every day is a challenge. It is fighting against your own laziness, against those who tell you “why?

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