Why is it important to have a corporate video?

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Why is it important to have a corporate video?

In Spain there are more than 80% of Internet users, of which more than half are active in social networks and interact with groups, pages, people and communities of all kinds. Much information is shared, generating opinion and awakening desires and interests in users. Therefore, it is important to have a correct professional corporate video. That is why it is so important to be on the Internet and, above all, to be visible. ” If they don’t see you, you don’t exist” , that’s our motto. The creation and production of a video that reflects the philosophy of your company, the way you work, your products and / or services is essential. If you look at it, most of the companies, both on their social media profiles and on their web pages, have at least one video. Why? Because it works. It is a fast, attractive and clear way of expressing what you want your clients germany mobile number sample and potential clients to know about you. Corporate videos There are different types of corporate video that can be made depending on the characteristics of your business, the budget you have and what you are interested in communicating. Professionals from the audiovisual, communication and online marketing sectors will be able to advise you on the most appropriate types of videos for your campaign. First, you must analyze what you want to communicate, taking into account what you want to sell and observing the competition.

Subsequently, it is advisable to propose a script with a series of ideas, evaluating the type of video to be created, the images that could be used and the texts or labels that would appear. In addition, it is also necessary to consider the style of music that will accompany the visual elements and whether our corporate video will be accompanied by an explanatory voice-over or not. We present you some types of corporate videos Animation video (Motion Graphics): made with infographics, designs, explanatory text labels with attractive fonts and striking effects. They can be accompanied by a voice-over or simply powerful music. Video report : a video that intersperses interviews with resource images of your business, your workspace, your product or service, your dealings with the client, etc. Generally, the images are reproduced with the voice of the interviewee’s voice and with soft music that accompanies what is being seen without diminishing its importance. In this format there is an interesting category that consists of a testimonial video report in which clients appear giving their opinion about your product or service. Video catalog : the paper catalog is still going on, but you don’t know the impact of an online catalog in videographic format.

Tutorial videos : in the case of offering a product or service that requires some type of information about its use or installation or about the same purchase process on your website or store, it is interesting to offer the customer an explanatory / demonstrative tutorial with the details of the steps to follow. Photographic video : consists of a sequence of images accompanied by music and explanatory labels. Other corporate videos There is also a category of corporate video known as storytelling . It is almost a short film, with a very high image quality Taiwan Database and a very strong visual impact. This type of corporate video is more advertising and is generally launched in high-impact and far-reaching campaigns that may be featured on television, for example. To carry out a videographic storytelling campaign a higher budget is necessary, however, it is a very good option if we can afford it. Boost your brand image with a corporate video that can go viral and make you known in a very effective way.

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