Why keep your website up to date?

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Why keep your website up to date?

When you have a web page, be it personal or corporate, it is of utmost importance to always keep it active if you want to get a presence on the Internet to get visits and constant growth. Many believe that after the creation of their website they no longer have to invest more time in it, since they are already “present”, so they do not invest the time and care necessary for their portal to really be successful. By having a web page without updating, you transmit a bad image to users. Perhaps that as an owner you do not have enough interest, you do not care much about new technologies or that you do not give a real value to the work or activity that is carried out, which can generate a pinch of distrust in the public. Sometimes this oversight can mean a lack of knowledge on the matter, since not all are experts in the web subject, however, maintaining SEO and the most basic strategies german phone book search to keep the web page updated and active is not too complicated a task at all times. Key factors to maintain your website For example, there are certain key factors so that a web page does not lose its validity, such is the case of updating. If you use WordPress, it is essential to regularly update your plugins and themes, especially to avoid hacks and viruses that take advantage of security flaws in outdated plugins. This happens in any content manager , it is necessary to check the status of the backend to see that everything is correct. For this, it is advisable to make backup copies of the information before updating, since sometimes it may happen that some data is lost during the update. Another necessary aspect is to have a current design and attached to the image that the person or company wants to convey. In the case of companies, if you have a logo and it changes, it is necessary to update it on the web. Likewise, Google takes into account having a web page with responsive design -that adapts to different mobile devices- at the right time to position the web. The identification and contact data are also another important point when updating.

The numbers, dates, names, email, address and location in Google maps -if they have it- must be updated as they change. It does not make sense to have an email or address that is no longer valid. Post content regularly The publication of content is essential to keep the website active. Either weekly or daily, it is important that material is produced that keeps the user interested and that demonstrates the constant handling of the page when having a web page active. Through the different networks, people can know when there is an update or content of interest, and thus maintain direct contact or communication with the user. Keeping the web in good condition and active all the time is an essential task for the success of a company. Keeping it updated is important not only for the owner and the client or user, but also for positioning, because depending on the activity generated by the web page, Google will measure the movement and quality content to position it in your search. Google positioning As we have already mentioned, Google verifies and takes into account when a web page remains active and develops content that is of quality and interest with its algorithm . This Google algorithm is the mechanism that the search engine has to position the different pages at the time of a search, this means that, depending on the evaluation, the algorithm will decide whether or not the web page rises certain positions. However, this Google algorithm can change up to 500 times a year, therefore following the steps is not as simple as it seems. However, there are certain steps that the website can follow to catch up with these algorithms. Among the keys to have an optimal SEO on your website and thus position well in Google are: The keywords: or also known as the “keywords”.

These are the most important words of what is going to be talked about and what the content of the web is about. The domain : it is the name that the web page will bear. By having a name that corresponds to the keywords of the site at the time of the Google search, it will be easier for the page to appear. The IP: choosing the correct IP is essential for a successful search. The IPs are the addresses that go according to the country in which the page moves. In other words, if it is in Spain, the best option will be .es and not .com It is very important to take these elements into account when we do SEO. Also, it is crucial that you are present when we present the SEO report to our clients. Constant update: as we have already been saying, having the website updated is essential. Beyond launching content frequently, activities such as raffles, promotions and other tasks that generate Taiwan Database interest in users can also be carried out to get good traffic and the web is always on the move. Summary to maintain your website In general, following these tips for a web page you will begin to give a good image of what is done on the page. The most important thing to take into account will always be to keep the website updated and moving so that both the public and Google do not leave it in oblivion and to continue growing in traffic and sales. You must bear in mind that the prices of web maintenance vary a lot depending on the type of web we have, but they can be included in the price of the web page . It is important to discuss this with the agency in charge of creating your website.

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