Why money is no longer my main motivation with blogging

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Why money is no longer my main motivation with blogging

I have been related to the world of blogging for more than a decade. When I started my motivation was to earn money today my goal is very different. I think I have a gift. It doesn’t necessarily mean being an extraordinary writer or blogger. Rather normal I would say. My gift is another. Compared to the average number of people who decide at some point in their life to start a blog, it is not too difficult for me to write and come up with new ideas . In a couple of months he will be doing it for half a decade every day. blogging Netherlands Phone Number List photo rights Blogging more than 11 years ago
Posts do not always come out easily. Especially when my activity level drops, creativity follows the path. It shows that these days I am in semi-disconnected mode. The lack of the day to day in my projects makes the task of publishing a post every day something more complicated than usual. It will be for this reason that today there is a small reflection in this blog.

I have been involved in the world of blogging for more than 11 years. Even in those days he was pretty disciplined about posting frequently. I did it every morning from Monday to Friday before I started working on my PhD thesis at the University of Cambridge. Before dedicating 8 hours to scientific writing, I wrote two posts for two blogs. My motivation was very simple: generate income with Adsense and affiliation . I was quite good at it because in a few months I was able to earn 700 euros a month with a blog launched from scratch. It was that famous work of creating niches that nowadays no longer attracts me too much.
Today my motivation for blogging on a personal level has changed a lot . Zenguerrilla is a blog that I launched more than 1 year ago. I have published two articles per week without fail. I have not generated a single penny (not even indirectly) with this project. I do not keep track of the number of visits it receives. I don’t do any kind of SEO. It just amuses me to post on topics a little different from what is here on the weekend.Netherlands Phone Number List

Leave a mark for eternity through a blog
Many bloggers are now on vacation mode taking their well-deserved respite. Some consider that during the summer months it is not worth the effort because web traffic tends to drop considerably (now with the use of smartphones it is becoming less and less by the way). My point of view is different. It is worth continuing because it is worth writing . My reward for publishing a post is immediate. It consists of seeing that I have contributed another small piece that contains some nuance that at some point may be useful to a person. I’m lucky that I don’t have to wait for that content to generate income for me. If it does great and if not too.

My companies and projects are probably not yet important or strong enough to survive once I am gone (luckily I still have time for this to change). I like the idea that my blog can survive me once I am in the afterlife. It is a kind of legacy to contribute my grain of sand (however insignificant it may be) that can directly or indirectly improve someone’s decision Taiwan Database.
Many times you don’t have to come up with the best business trick. Sometimes a reflection can help many people to continue strongly on the path that they have already started. This is being my main blogging motivation for the last few years. Blogging has turned from project to lifestyle. I hope this way of looking at it does not change. We’ll see what happens

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