Why not posting new content can be a great way to reach more readers

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Why not posting new content can be a great way to reach more readers

Publish, publish and publish is one of my mottos for this blog. Doing just the opposite as Buffer did can be a great way to make things better. Says the man who publishes every day (although now it is on different blogs). The guys from Buffer (if those from the social media tool) usually publish various content on their blog on a weekly basis. This time they did just the opposite. update Cyprus Phone Number List photo rights They stopped posting for 30 days to see what happened. Don’t miss the post because it really is one of the best I’ve read lately. They give you a large number of details of the actions they have taken instead of publishing new content and it really seems impressive what can be done in a single month . Instead of publishing something new, take advantage of what you have Buffer’s main strategy was to capitalize on all the great content they had already published in the past.

It is the first time that I have seen the tactic of reusing existing content applied in such a radical and hard way. These are some of the actions they took: Update content by adding videos, photos or audios, also updating the post date in a similar way that I am carrying out in my experiment . Create e-books based on featured posts on social media strategies. Republish existing content on sites like Medium, Quora or LinkedIn. Convert posts into presentations and upload them to Slideshare. Create video courses based on the existing content of the blog. Why copying Buffer’s strategy is a good idea Sometimes we create extraordinary content that we take advantage of in the short term but that loses its strength in the medium and long term (especially if it does not get a lot of traffic from Google).Cyprus Phone Number List

In the end, Buffer has focused on attracting subscribers by achieving visits from new users. They have increased the level of activity on sites outside of their blog to reach an audience that they previously did not reach as strongly. If you are a blogger this could consist of everything Buffer has done in commenting more frequently on blogs in your niche . In this way you can reach new readers adding value outside of your personal blog. Despite not being able to increase their traffic (they lost 4% of visits), they did manage to increase Google traffic by 6%, which in the long term will help them attract new visits later on. They also discovered the most Taiwan Database effective techniques to attract new subscribers, which will allow them to focus their resources and actions in the future on what works best. It means that in the future they will know how to do things better so that the minute invested in content creation will bring more new readers, a greater number of subscribers and consequently, in the case of Buffer, a higher number of clients of their tool.


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