Why running a blog is much more than writing posts, doing SEO and taking care of the design

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Why running a blog is much more than writing posts, doing SEO and taking care of the design

It is not so much the time to write a post but rather the weeks we invest to create new knowledge. This is the effort that matters to be a blogger. It is obvious or at least it can be intuited. Having a blog is much more than writing a series of posts. Do not get me wrong. I am not referring so much to the “collateral” work of SEO, design, collaborations, etc. These are additional tasks that no one is going to take away from you. without Czech Republic Phone Number List photo rights In the absence of ideas for new posts during my vacations Many people put as an argument of not being able to run a blog due to lack of ideas. For the first time in years I really understand the problem because I am experiencing it in the first person. During the 2 weeks of vacation the ideas for new tickets have not come as naturally as they usually do.

The reason behind is very simple. I have not actively produced knowledge at this time. When you disconnect, you do not keep turning to the different problems of the day to day. These thoughts in the past have always been an important source for new ideas for posts that I just haven’t had. Inspiration comes workin To run a blog you have to invest hours and hours in research, launching actions or projects to extract at the end a small part for a new post. What interests you as a blogger is to add value. This means that you explain something completely new or bring your own experience. Both cases are positive for your readers because it allows them to learn.Czech-Republic Phone Number List

Many bloggers are not even aware (until now I was not) that to get an article you have to invest hours, days or even weeks . As a result we produce content of 1,000 words or less. It is not the time we invest in writing the new entry but rather all that we have Taiwan Database invested to reach the conclusions that we publish. When you don’t, it is normal that you are not able to generate new ideas. As Pablo Picasso says. “Inspiration comes by working.”

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