Why use a blog to launch a new business

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Why use a blog to launch a new business

Blogs are an awesome platform for launching new businesses. In this post I provide some arguments for those who do not have it so clear yet. Those who follow this blog a bit know that I usually use it as the main platform to launch new projects. I even have a kind of pattern or method that I use almost identically on these occasions. blog Belarus Phone Number List photo rights I am not the only one who finds this channel useful. There are several reasons why a blog can be useful when launching a new business. According to an IAB study on ecommerce , 49% of users trust blogs when making a purchase decision. They are the source with the greatest potential for influence when choosing one product or another. Surprisingly compared celebrities have a weight of only 3% behind even offline advertising (11%) and the mailings (24%). They bring traffic and leads Look at the sides and at the head of this blog. At this moment I am accompanying the launch of the Vikinguard start-up . You may have already noticed without necessarily clicking on the banner. The display is not only intended to generate traffic (but also) to a landing page but above all to generate trust. Like when you see their logo on another site you can relate it to something even if you don’t remember very well where you saw it. According to my touchpoint theory, you need several positive impacts to make your mark .

They can give ideas and feedback in the early stages
Always when I put out posts like this, I’m also interested in receiving some kind of feedback. To ensure that I receive a relevant number of responses, I submit a submission to my database . If you still do not have a list of subscribers with many registered and / or your blog still has little traffic, you have the possibility of carrying out a small campaign with Facebook Ads investing about 5-10 euros to get feedback . Veteran readers still remember this post I wrote more than 2 years ago on the subject. Many projects have passed through my hands since then. Quondos was barely a couple of months old. There was neither Ironblogger , nor Rankingbull (I am no longer a member of the project), nor Maratoniano (pending to resume it with a new brand), nor Zenguerrilla (my new blog), nor the Amazon project , nor Beguerrilla, nor Launchbox , etc. The lessons learned since then are many , which is why it is worth revisiting this topic. Belarus Phone Number List

At 4:00 p.m. (CET), Quondos once again organizes a Course for Bloggers at no cost where 8 stars participate who will share with you all their blogging secrets . If you cannot attend Taiwan Database in person, you have the possibility of following the event by streaming .
In this post I have told you why. In the presentation I will talk about how to use a blog to launch new businesses. Hope to see you out there or tweeting with the hashtag # cursobloggers .

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