Why website traffic influences SEO and how to manipulate it

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Why website traffic influences SEO and how to manipulate it

One of the factors to position in Google with increasing importance is the traffic that a content receives. I also present 3 ways to “manipulate” it. I don’t talk much about SEO, you know that there are people who know much more about this topic than I do. When you move in the world of online marketing, it is inevitable to master the basics of web positioning. web Japan Phone Number List photo rights
The most relevant criteria are in continuous evolution, so it is not enough to have formed once and then forget about the subject. Summer is also a good time to train in SEO. Today I am going to focus on an aspect that is becoming increasingly relevant for Google. These are the visits that a specific content or post is receiving.

Why has Google started looking at traffic?

Google aims to create a search engine that reflects reality . What does this mean specifically? He wants his algorithm to reflect as closely as possible what a human being would recommend having all the information in the world at his disposal (which is obviously not possible for a person). The fact that a website has many visits at any given time can be interpreted as having gone viral for some reason. If it is a relevant topic for many people, a search engine should also give it more relevance in the search results.
Consequently, a peak in traffic on a website often results in an improvement in Google rankings for that specific content. It also has to do with the fact that user behavior is analyzed. Simply increasing traffic that results in poor metrics at the time of stay or page views will have the opposite effect. 1 Facebook Ads – the most comfortable way to achieve visits
2 Email Marketing Campaigns to generate spikes
3 Guest posts – publish on pages with traffic in your sector
Facebook Ads – the most comfortable way to achieve visits
Investing in Facebook Ads from my point of view is the most comfortable way to increase the traffic of a content. In order for you to achieve clicks at a low cost (say between 1-2 cents) you need a very elaborate text. Not just anything works for you.

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Working on the quality of an entry on your blog will also help you generate other positive signals for Google: engagement in social networks in the form of “Likes”, shares, comments, etc. In other words: by investing in Facebook Ads you can kill two birds with one stone. You get traffic that typically performs well in terms of length of stay and page views. For this, it is important that the content is very good and that the segmentation is adequate . You also get interactions on social networks that earn you additional points.
E-mail Marketing campaigns to generate spikes
Making use of email marketing campaigns to generate traffic spikes requires an existing database of subscribers. If you have a project (store or blog) that you have been using for a long time, you can take advantage of this asset. For all those who are still not entirely clear about the usefulness of working on a list, this can be an additional argument to get on with the subject.

There is also the option of renting a database and / or hiring a shipment . Both options have their advantages and disadvantages. Compared to sending to your own community, it has nothing to do with it. There are further benefits to getting you started with email marketing. Here they tell you the boys and girls of . Guest posts – publish on pages with traffic in your sector
The best links are the ones that bring traffic. I’m not saying it, Mr. Alex Navarro says it and it is clear that it is difficult to contradict him. Publishing in relevant blogs on your subject is what makes the most sense in this context. Berto gives you some clues on how you can get a guest post on a well-known blog.

To begin, you have to identify those that accept content from invited authors. I receive these types of proposals practically daily but if you have noticed it is not something I usually do. The advantage of this format is that you once again achieve a two for one:
A link that helps you Taiwan Database of a relevant and authoritative page.
A publication that gives you visibility and also sends traffic to your website.
Getting traffic to a specific content mainly helps you improve the rankings for that URL. Putting internal links to other pages helps you redirect visits and with it the positive effect you achieve at the first level.

Obviously the impact on the second level will never be so strong but it all adds up. If you repeat this strategy of internal links from different URLs you can reinforce it and in that way “manipulate” the Google rankings in a positive way.
In short: when you do SEO, links still have an important weight. In the future also find out if apart from authority they can also send you traffic. That way you can work on the positioning of a website from various angles.

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