Why You Shouldn’t Use Free Vector Logos?

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Why You Shouldn’t Use Free Vector Logos?

Vectorized logos that we can have instantly, effortlessly and totally free? “What luck!”, you may be thinking, “what do I want a designer for?”. Wait a minute, not everything is as beautiful as it seems. Yes, you have a nice looking design, but there is a little catch. Do you think you are the only one who uses one of these free downloadable logos on the Internet? Obviously not. Thousands of people do, and so it is almost certain that they are using the exact same designs without realizing it. Let’s say you see one of Canva ‘s free vector logos, you think it’s nice, and you decide to make it your business image. All good so far, but sooner rather than later you will get an unpleasant surprise.

Let’s say you are the owner of a barbershop and you discover that a restaurant uses a logo that is exactly the same as yours. And, to top it off, both businesses are in the same city. They were unlucky enough to go into the same logo generator and download the same design. And if you used free logo templates, don’t think you’re safe. Someone Portugal Phone Number have a design similar to yours, perhaps with a slightly different font, one or two less details, but it will still be the same image and everyone will recognize it that way. When we talk about how to start a clothing brand , we emphasize the importance of having your own identity, unique and recognizable among the sea of ​​competitors who seek the attention of the same public.

Programs to Make Vectorized Logos

Free vectorized logos cannot provide you with that image that only you have. For this reason, at least for the development of vectorized logos, you should hire a designer, someone who will give your company a visible face based on its vision and mission, what it wants to project. But if you think you can do this job yourself, consider taking the Logo Design From Scratch online course , at the end of which you’ll end up with a custom-made design that ‘s superior to free vector logos. use free vectors Source: Pexels Programs to make vectorized logos If you just want to download a logo maker, again, you’ll find plenty of options that are easy to use.

Portugal Phone Number

Some of them are smartphone apps and, yes, they deliver what they promise. Remember that to opt for this or that alternative, the first thing you should do is think about what the design needs are and what your ability as a designer is . Although creating a vectorized logo is not that difficult, it has its tricks that we will show you later. For example, if what you are looking for is to save your time as much as possible, there is The Logo Creator , available on Softonic, or Logo Maker , which you can find on Google Play. However, we return to the previous problem. You will only get vectorized logos that everyone has and to which you will not be able to make more than minimal changes. If you want to download a program to make logos like a professional.

Allows You to Convert a Bitmap Graphic

In other words, the solution is software for making illustrations. You’re in luck, because we know many and some of them are free! Check this list and find out which are the 8 best programs to vectorize logos: 1.illustrator Obviously, Illustrator had to be at the top of the list. It is the quintessential tool for making vectorized logos and other very complex illustrations. Although it is the software most used by professional designers, it has a certain degree of complexity that is not recommended if what you are looking for is to make a vectorized logo very quickly and easily. Now, if your intentions are to immerse yourself fully in the world of digital design, starting to vectorize your logos in Adobe Illustrator is a great idea!

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