Will marketing and communication work? The big question from customers

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Will marketing and communication work? The big question from customers

Customers usually have a lot of questions. Some have an easy solution, but others, on the other hand, although we understand that they arouse a lot of intrigue or even concern, it is difficult to answer them. Not because we have no idea, but because many factors intervene in the result that do not depend on us as professionals, but rather, on your involvement, brand, product or budget that you are going to put in the marketing and communication strategy. Will a marketing and communication action work? The answer is as subjective as when we talk about “tastes” and colors. But, trying to refine as much as possible and wanting to shed light on the situation, also fundamental when hiring and betting on a professional in this area, we address the issue india phone number free of whether marketing and communication is really going to work for your brand, product. , service or company. It is quite true that currently everything on the Internet can be measured and we can quantify the return of each action that is done in the online medium. This is something that did not happen before with advertising actions in magazines or on television, since it was literally impossible to know for sure and exactly the number of readers that the aforementioned publication had had or how many people had seen a spot and subsequently had performed some action with the brand. You need to have visibility and generate a need for you That you need to have visibility and generate a need for your brand in your users is something established and burned in all companies that want to progress and if not, why does so much money move at the end of the year in marketing actions, advertising and communication, and all the major brands bet on it with their heavy artillery? So, first and foremost: Yes! Marketing and communication work.

To resolve the doubt of whether your marketing and communication action is going to work, if what you are going to invest in is going to be successful and if, in addition, it is going to be the greatest thing in the world, it is something that must be studied a lot. to find out, in each particular case, if there is something that affects and influences a marketing and communication action to work. Parameters for a marketing and communication action to work Strategy Forget but from now on that any marketing and communication action, whatever it is, works or can give you the best possible performance if you do not have a strategy carried out in detail. This is so. You may launch an ad in Facebook Ads and it will give you results but if it is something specific and does not have a budget strategy, designs, copies, capture emails behind, rest assured that the result is fortuitous and is far from having made the most of it. Even if it is a communication campaign and you have sent a press release without having a well structured and executed plan behind it, it will not work. So the first step is to make a strategy that includes everything that is needed, the environment, the situation … Person in charge This is another key factor to be able to make your marketing and communication action successful. Please forget about the fact that social networks can be carried by anyone or that a logo design is made by my nephew who is studying art. Surely it is very good but you have to have professional criteria and experience to implement a job of such high importance.

If you do not hire or have the right person or if you are going to do it yourself, you have not trained enough in it, do you really consider that something is going to be successful? Then you will not be able to blame marketing and communication as being baseless. The reality is that you have not bet on it. Bet on marketing and communication In line with the previous point, the commitment you make to marketing and communication will be directly related to the success you get from it. Why? Because everything in life is a matter of gambling. If you do not put time and investment of resources into it, it is impossible to also reap tasty fruits. As in everything: if you plant with a bad seed because it is cheaper, you will have a bad fruit. But in betting it is also what you Taiwan Database facilitate the process, the information you provide, how agile you are in the feed-back … Everything counts and influences. Conclution That said, we assure you that today, who does not do marketing and communication, literally does not exist. This is so and the companies and brands that have not adapted to the 21st century and are still anchored in the offline and in the “I have a magnificent product, they will come for it” , are doomed to failure, if they are still alive. With all these pieces, your puzzle may have more shape and you will surely ensure that marketing and communication work , but it depends on everyone.

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