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Instead of having blocks of text, you use headings to help your reader identify the sections of your work. That’s what your headers do. If your page doesn’t have a banner (like a blog post, for example. The main text of your page should be in H1. So the main heading should be in H1, then the subheadings will be in H2, H3, and so on. You can check the headings of this article to see what I’m talking about. Lastly, check your headers for keywords. Its main goal is to make the page as understandable. And contextual as possible for the search engine and the user. So it is good to incorporate your relevant keywords in the headers. Keyword placement and LSI Since I’m reviewing the home page of a podcast website. I don’t have large bodies of text to sift through.

But if we think of a home page as your presentation to your users. Then you need to make sure that it ranks in the search engines. In this case, I check the placement of the keywords while I check the other elements of the web page, such as the H1, title tag, meta France Phone Number description, image alt text, and body text. Keyword placement refers to important areas where keywords should be found. As important as placement is, you should also check the consistency of your page content. This is where Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) comes into play.

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Think of it this way: when you write about a certain topic, you make sure that the words and phrases you use are connected to the topic you chose, right? In my case, I don’t have to keep repeating “Leadership Stack” all over my home page, because there are also other words like “podcast episodes” that will tell the search engine (and the user) that this page is about podcast episodes. leadership podcast Alternative text of the image Having your company or brand logo on the webpage is highly recommended, as your website is often the potential customer’s first engagement with your brand. It is important to check for alt text. On-page SEO audit alt text To verify, simply right click on the image, click “Inspect” and look for the alt text in the code.

France Phone Number

It will look like this: img alt= “ “ Alt text is what appears when your website doesn’t load an image correctly. It’s also what tells the search engine what the image is about to show up during an image search, so it’s important that you give it the relevant keyword to help it rank in image search. Check not only the logo, but also the other relevant images on their web page. When I inspected the Leadership Stack logo, I saw that it doesn’t have a proper alt text, so it goes to the table. alt text of on-page SEO audit results document Buttons and links It is important to check your buttons and links to make sure they are redirecting to the correct web page. Broken links cut off the link juice that might have been flowing to the different pages on your website.

Except for the Compatibility With Mobile Devices.

It can also give users a bad experience and negatively impact the authority of your website. On-page SEO audit buttons and links There are tools available that can help you find broken links faster, but if you’re manually performing the on-page SEO audit, you can simply click each button and link to check. When I did this audit, I discovered that the “Courses” link in the footer simply redirects to the home page. So, I noted in my table that there is currently no “Courses” page to use as a destination for this link. Missing links and SEO audit buttons on the page I added it to the list with my proposed solution. On-page SEO audit findings document buttons and links Now the “Courses” link goes to the master classes you can take.

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