With marketing automation software this is already possible.

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With marketing automation software this is already possible.

You will only have to worry about scheduling the date and time to send the publication, and that’s it! Cultivation of more effective leads : Having a personalized relationship with the client from the beginning is of vital importance. Marketing automation allows you to connect and interact with them through personalized messages such as welcome texts or subscription confirmations. Monitoring of actions : Follow and monitor each action carried out through graphs, statistics and detailed data. A nalize all the information, manage your budget afghanistan mobile phone companies and make the most of each resource in order to optimize all your campaigns. Same brand image in several channels : The possibility of automating marketing allows you to save time and resources, and, in turn, expand campaigns through new marketing channels such as email, Facebook or Twitter with an identical brand image. Multiple platforms, same solution! marketing automation agency Uses of Marketing Automation: 4 examples with which you will understand it better Now you know the benefits of marketing automation .

But what exactly can you do with it? Here are several scenarios in which this type of marketing is extremely useful. Send a discount to your customers for their birthday : If you get the date of birth of your users you can congratulate them and send them discounts. This way you can create and strengthen a good long-term relationship with each client. Send a welcome email : This is a great way to break the ice with a new subscriber. Do not forget to tell him what type of content he is going to receive and how often. Create an automatic email for cart abandonment cases : For e-commerce, cart abandonment is a nightmare. Therefore, go back to the customer offering discounts, guarantees or any suggestion that promotes the purchase process of your customer. Create a lead scoring . The lead scoring is to assign a number of points to each of your contacts according to their actions thus determine at what stage of the buying process are. This will allow you to create qualified customer lists.

As you can see, there are a multitude of tasks that you can perform thanks to marketing automation . However, don’t forget that the only limit is your imagination. Marketing Automation, the perfect solution for your business The marketing automated here to stay. This solution will allow you to optimize two of the most precious assets of any company, time and resources , in addition to obtaining extraordinary results in terms of customer conversion. Are you going to let your competitors take advantage of this tool and you don’t? Research Taiwan Database the right form of marketing automation for your business and start optimizing repetitive tasks. If you have any questions, you can contact us . We will help you! In addition, we recommend that you take a look at email marketing , a technique closely related and linked to marketing automation . And, above all, if you are a true marketer and you don’t like to miss out on any news about this world, then what are you waiting for to subscribe to our newsletter and keep up to date?

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