With these sources of income I am going to monetize the blogs that I am launching

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With these sources of income I am going to monetize the blogs that I am launching

Little by little I am launching my personal blog network. My monetization strategy will be based mostly on these three sources of income. It is true. I’m a “little” late. It has been almost 8 months since I announced that I was going to launch six new blogs. At the moment I have only managed to get Cayman Islands Phone Number List .es and I am taking the next steps to get the second one. A blog about Life Hacking, Motivation and Happiness in which there are now about 32 published entries where I also have guest author Marcos Martinez from who has published 4 of them so far. With I have never looked for a direct monetization. With the exception of some books with an Amazon affiliate link, I have not done any great experiments. This will change with new projects. My beginnings in this world are based on generating income through blogging . So it will be like a little return to my roots.

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The sponsored posts are one of the most interesting and dangerous for the blogger sources. The advertiser seeks diffusion and reinforces its SEO strategy. This last point does not like a hair to Google so it can penalize both if it realizes it. Despite this risk, it is “easy money” as long as you manage to position your blog in your niche and gain this authority also at the domain level (SEO). In some niches there is almost more demand than supply, so depending on the theme you can quickly receive offers. What I have clear is that I will not give it away Taiwan Database . I value the sponsored post at a minimum of 250 euros if I have to write the entry myself (on this blog, for example, I wouldn’t). In the end, our time is worth money and we must not be afraid to ask, although many will tell you that it is expensive. If you offer it too cheap, it will cost you a lot to raise the price so it is worth losing some opportunities and focus only on the ones that are worth it.

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