Woocommerce vs Prestashop: comparisons and aspects of these

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Woocommerce vs Prestashop: comparisons and aspects of these

CMS Choosing CMS: WordPress or PrestaShop for online store CMS is the acronym for Content Management System , that is, popularly known as web content management systems . It is a software in which different types of content can be managed very easily . In addition, it is not necessary to have great programming knowledge to be able to manage it in an agile way. Among them there is the classic duel: Woocommerce vs Prestashop. According to the needs of ecommerce, the programmer who is in charge of installing the software will create the online store based on the appropriate CMS for the type of page to be managed. It should be noted that not all web pages free cyprus phone number fulfill the same functions or are managed the same, and not all have the same needs. There are many types, from CMS for real estate, magazines, blogs and corporate websites , online stores , job portals , photographic pages, portfolios, among others. Woocommerce vs Prestashop Some of the best known CMS are WordPress or Prestashop for online store . Today they are two of the most used for online store designs , since they are the easiest to use, as well as being safe and customizable, especially WordPress.

To do this, betting on some of these platforms can save a lot of expenses in programming and web maintenance . Next, it is intended to carry out an analysis and comparison and mention 5 reasons to use one or the other according to the expectations and the chosen business model. WordPress + Woo commerce Woo Commerce is a WordPress plugin that is responsible for turning the website into an online store . It is currently the most downloaded plugin to convert WordPress into an eCommerce. This is an open source system and is the undisputed leader within the content management system. 5 of the advantages it offers are the following: Simple use. It is very practical to use and you do not need high programming knowledge to be able to manage the content. SEO and indexing : It allows controlling several fundamental aspects to achieve a good natural positioning in Google. Customization : Allows customization of web design according to the tastes and needs of each online store. Scalable : You have the option to add plugins or modules that give new functionalities to the page. Security : It is one of the safest CMS for its constant security updates always up to date. In addition, there are also extra measures to increase the security of the online page .

woocommerce advantages Advantages of Prestashop The main function of Prestashop is to create an online store , so that the products can be sold over the Internet. 5 of the advantages it offers are the following: Store setup. Allows you to select or modify the purchase process and increase products and cross-selling. In addition, with this CMS we can add other attributes and put products by catalogs. Sell ​​virtual products or have a multi-store. We can manage taxes depending on the country or other ways according to our interests. Customer management. There is a section within the panel itself where you can manage the relationship with the customer in terms of orders and incidents. Wide variety of functionalities. PrestaShop allows a wide Taiwan Database  variety of functionalities and allows you to manage a large number of different products. Prestashop was designed from scratch to be an online store , and offers many possibilities that allow advanced management and a large number of functionalities and added value in many aspects. It’s a bit more complex and it takes more time to learn your admin panel, but it pays great benefits over time.

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