WordPress Online Store Tutorial II: Order Management in Woocommerce

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WordPress Online Store Tutorial II: Order Management in Woocommerce

Management and status of orders in Woocommerce store After learning the first steps in creating products in a store made with Woocommerce and configuring its basic characteristics such as price or images, we continue learning in this second part with the management of orders. How to view orders and change their status In Woocommerce> Orders , you can see the list of orders with date and status. There will be all their data (date, address, total paid, ..). You can also send a note to the client, as well as see their email or phone number to get in touch if they need it. list of orders woocommerce order details Types of order status in Woocommerce When a irancell database zip customer makes a purchase in your online store , it will automatically assign an order status based on the type of payment made, which may be: 1.Complete 2.Payment pending 3.Pending 4.Processing 5.Cancelled 6.Refunded 7.Failed In some cases, the passage through these states will be automatic and fast, waiting for aaa Processed and Complete in a simple way and without the administrator having to intervene, but that depends on the type of product you sell, the configuration, etc …

In other cases there will be steps that will require a manual action to pass the order to Processing or Canceled, prior supervision of the administrator or Shop Manager . The order statuses in detail On hold When a client makes the payment with a non-automatic method (bank transfer, cash on delivery, check, etc.) and it is pending to be confirmed until we receive it, then the program puts that order “ On hold ”. This means that it has already been discounted from your stock but you have not yet received payment for the order. And when we receive that income, we will have to manually go to the order and change the status to “processing” if we have to prepare the product already ” completed ” when we have sent it. Outstanding It must be said that this status is different from ” Waiting “, since in that case Woocommerce assigns it because it has paid with Paypal or with a card and until we finish the process and recognize it as paid, it will remain pending in case there was some failure in the process (lack of funds, technical failures, ..) Processing As we have seen, if we have already received the payment, the order will go to Processing while we prepare it.

In some cases the step to Processing and then to Completed will be automatic and in others manual, as we have seen in the case of “On hold” orders. Canceled and Failed If there has been an error in the automatic payment (PayPal, credit card) during the process, the order will go to Failed. In the case of Canceled orders, they can go into this state automatically by canceling the customer or by the store administrator canceling it manually for some reason. Completed As we have seen, the moment the customer makes the payment will change to “pending” or “pending payment” and if it is by card or Pay pal, it will automatically enter “processing”. When it is in this state, the platform automatically sends an email to the client, to notify him that the shipment of his package is being processed (provided that you have configured it like this in the Woocommerce Taiwan Database  settings) That’s where you come in and if you see everything right, you can change the status to “completed” so that the customer will be sent the email with the invoice and the status of the order.

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