You should not choose more than three colors, however

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You should not choose more than three colors, however

These should be in accordance with the colors of the logo and those of the company. Let’s see a list of the meanings of the colors: Colour Meaning Sector Blue Calm, confidence, authority, pacification Navigation, new technologies, IT, medicine purple Delicacy, discretion, modesty, religion Political culture Pinkish Charm, intimacy, femininity, beauty Intimate diaries, woman Red Warmth, strength, dynamism, love, enthusiasm Luxury, fashion, sports, marketing, media Orange Well-being, happiness, wealth, pleasure, citrus, aroma, energy list of ghana phone numbers Entertainment, sports, travel Green Nature, balance, rest, confidence, hope, youth, charity Discoveries, nature, travel, education Brown Calm, philosophy, field Environment Yellow Joy, power, dignity, gold, wealth tourism White Neatness, freshness, richness Fashions, news Gray Neutrality, respect Design, associations, non-profit organizations Black Simplicity, luxury, night Cinema, art, photography, restriction Background colors It is important to choose a background color that contrasts with the main color of the web development. It is generally a pale color, clear, and does not contain graphics, as they make reading difficult. The main thing is to give the reader a break.

Images for the web Images , photographs and infographics add dynamism and interactivity to a digital page. But do not abuse this visual resource, as they can exhaust the user and make him leave the website. Typography Correct typography stylizes a digital page. It is recommended to use two types of fonts ; one for the headlines and one for the texts. The classic or the most used fonts are Arial, Verdana and Helvetica. Fonts with serifs (serif), that is, with ornaments, are frequently used in traditional printed texts because they facilitate reading. However, they do not work for digital texts, since they can become deformed and appear “doodles” if the resolution of the screen that the user handles is not adequate. In this case, a sans-serif or sans-serif font, more rounded, is recommended. What is the Newsletter? The newsletter – also known as a bulletin – is an informative digital publication that is disseminated by means of an email. The periodicity will depend on the needs of the organization, but it can be daily, weekly, monthly, bimonthly or quarterly. These publications contain articles related to the brand and the sector in which it is developed. The recipients of these communications previously, and for their own interest, have agreed to receive these mailings by becoming subscribers. Within web development this field is located in the right sidebar or in the footer .

Advantages of this service: – The newsletter allows you to retain potential customers, in addition to offering quality content and services to your subscribers. -They are an excellent proposal to send your brand promotions to a target audience. -It does not require major financial investment, however, your readers and users will be aware of your information. -It is a useful tool to increase organic traffic to your blog or website. -Applying a good strategy Taiwan Database can have more conversions than with other channels. These are some “tricks” to achieve a good functioning of a web page including user traffic to it, if you liked it and you want your company’s website to be attractive and have a considerable increase in the number of visits, no feel free to contact us through our form or by writing an email

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