You’ll find out. An example ; There is a famous businessman

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You’ll find out. An example ; There is a famous businessman

Who has an advertising campaign for his beer in the final of the major leagues. Let’s imagine that 40,000 people mentioned or commented on the internet about their already mentioned beer, and 600,000 people talked about beer, in general. The way to calculate it is as follows: SOV = 40,000 users who talked about the entrepreneur’s beer / 600,000 users who said something about any beer in general = 0.07%. Now, with this data, it is possible to know the market share with respect to the competition. The next step is to evaluate all, or the vast majority of the contestants, in order to know the different degrees of participation of each of them. If the result is negative, this implies that other brands have a much higher percentage than that of the entrepreneur. In this case, said entrepreneur must redefine his strategy because he must be failing at something. What should get a chinese mobile number be done with the SOV results? Something totally essential that will determine the success of a campaign or advertising plan, is to assess the results of the SOV and be able to make decisions based on them . The first thing to do is evaluate the data and, with it, determine the negative and positive factors for both the company and the competition, in the same period of time and with the same segmentation. Which will allow an a priori or a posteriori analysis to be made. In the short term: Different automated processes should be included in order to monitor the development of the platform as they happen.

Long-term: A record of the information of interest must be kept in order to plan even more advanced campaigns. Finally , it is necessary to incorporate different measurement tools that achieve greater security and accuracy in obtaining data, such as, for example, the use of Google Analytics . What to keep in mind It is known how extremely enlightening the SOV metric can be, but on the other hand, it has some limitations. An interesting point that must be found about the SOV, is that the total audience that makes up the ‘Voice’, can change in size from one day to the next . This undoubtedly places some restrictions on how the SOV should be used. For example, a brand could attract the same number of social mentions and shares from day 1 and day 2, but, its competitors could reach larger audiences, including newly acquired audience members, on day two as in on day 1. Therefore, the brand is generating the same amount of comments on both days, but, its SOV is lower on day 2 than on day 1.

This helps demonstrate why SOV should not be used as an absolute measure of long-term social media performance. On the other hand, if your brand’s SOV has risen dramatically over the course of the week, you can dig deep into the data for that week to find out what created the positive momentum. Conclution However, knowing how a brand compares to its closest rivals on social media is exceptionally helpful . If the SOV of a brand has dropped by 5% and a competing brand with a very similar profile has increased by 15%, it should be understood that it is necessary Taiwan Database to put additional resources in its marketing on social networks . Whatever the case, it is more than evident that the SOV is always useful in any campaign or advertising plan of a brand or company . It is a tool within marketing that is always worth keeping in mind. And if you don’t know very well, with the help of a professional like we are at the online marketing and SEO positioning agency, Idital , we can help you implement the marketing actions you need.

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