Youtube and article 13: a problem that is not minor

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Youtube and article 13: a problem that is not minor

Anyone who has recently entered YouTube will have noticed the campaign that this social network is carrying out against the so-called ” article 13 “. What is article 13? It is the key point of the new European copyright law, which could mean a radical change in the management of online content on social networks. We attach an excerpt from its first paragraph: Information society service providers that store and provide public access (… /…) to works or other benefits uploaded by their users will adopt , in cooperation with the holders of rights, the ecuador cell phone numbers pertinent measures to ensure the correct functioning of the agreements entered into with the right holders (… /…). Those measures, such as the use of effective content recognition techniques , will be appropriate and proportionate. The service providers will provide the right holders (… /…) with adequate information on the recognition and use of the works and other benefits. As we can see, article 13 will force platforms such as YouTube to act as judges against the content generated by their users. It obliges the social network to ensure that the material uploaded by its users complies with this law.

In practice, the responsibility for the use of copyrighted material will extend beyond the user who has used it, as it will affect the social network that publishes it. This will mean the possibility of filing millionaire lawsuits against said network. How will control over online content be exercised ? One of the phrases highlighted in bold in the text of Article 13 that also deserves attention is ” the use of effective content recognition techniques “. Several voices have sounded the alarm here. It is certainly possible, using image and sound recognition engines, to have certain indications as to whether or not a content constitutes plagiarism. However, the intensive use of these systems does not guarantee adequate filtering at all . Additionally, and despite the advanced technology, it is common to find countless false positives. The main players of the social network already warn that the application of the article can ruin the Internet in Europe as we know it. Parodies, video montages and even popular “memes” become censored material. Original content creators will be able to see their work being considered a “false positive” and disappear from the web .

The outlook, not only for these social networks, but also for their users, is not very promising. Waiting Finally, another important point at a technical level about article 13: if one looks at its wording, the abuse of the words “adequate”, “timely”, “provided” can be detected … That is, it does not establish any precise term that indicates when the process followed by a social network to control content is correct or not. There are many voices that cry out against this article, both for its content and for its writing. The first people who see their way of life in danger, is the Youtuber community, they could see their way of life disappear. From platforms and social networks Taiwan Database such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and a host of relevant figures in the content creation and management industry are on the warpath . And is not for less. We must highlight the importance of YouTube for the promotion of music, the large amount of content created with the idea of ​​being freely shared that is in danger.

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