Youtuber, influencer and community manager are among the new favorite professions of Spanish children

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Youtuber, influencer and community manager are among the new favorite professions of Spanish children

Due to the digital environment in which we live, the professions of the future demand greater specialization, for example, lawyers with knowledge of cloud computing or architects specialized in Big Data, which implies that students have to learn “basic” skills from school

Almost 40% of young Spaniards have not yet discovered their professional vocation. This is revealed by the results of the Future Lab1 study, prepared by the CINNED Foundation in collaboration with People Excellence and presented today at the Brains International School in La Moraleja. Young Spaniards mostly opt for ‘lifelong’ professions with a  get a uk phone number  direct impact on society. In fact, it seems that the most modern and recent professions have more and more popularity, since 12% of those surveyed already say they want to be YouTuber , Influencer or Community Manager . On the other hand, 21% of young Spaniards continue to aim for traditional professions such as a doctor ,lawyer , engineer or professor .

“It is the responsibility of the educational community, together with parents and teachers, to help young people discover their professional vocation,” said Gianluca Balocco, Chief Executive Officer of People Excellence during the presentation of the study results. “If we help young people to discover their professional vocation, we can propose the appropriate educational tools or create them if they do not exist to better guide their academic and professional careers,” added Balocco.

In the study, the students have also answered about the main characteristics they look at when choosing a profession. 58% admit that they want professions that involve interacting actively with others. They also seek professions that allow them to have a high economic capacity, a good standard of living and live new experiences.

In which companies do young Spaniards want to work?
According to the data of the study promoted by the CINNED Foundation and carried out by People Excellence, 35% of young people want to occupy work positions in companies located in cosmopolitan cities, such as Madrid or Barcelona. Moreover, these indicate as a factor to take into account the location of the offices in the cities and are declined by those companies that have facilities in the city center. Only one in 10 young people is committed to teleworking and confesses that they would like to work from home connected to others through social networks.

Another characteristic to highlight is that more than half of young people (55%) believe that it is important for companies to be responsible and innovative. But, above all, they point out that the most important factor is respect for the environment (68%).

In relation to the determining factors to increase commitment to the company, they indicate that they carry out attractive and challenging activities (54%), and have a good work environment (50%).

“The current education of young people not only prepares them to have more knowledge and be prepared to face new challenges, but also seeks training in values, such as respect, solidarity or integrity among others” says María Hita, president of the CINNED Foundation. “That is why young people positively value companies committed to certain social aspects. Ultimately, it will be these companies committed to society who are able to attract the most talented professionals,” adds Hita.

The ideal boss for young Spaniards
Most young people (65%) look for emotionally intelligent leaders with whom they can develop a more personal relationship. In this sense, 40% would highly value having a close and trusting relationship with their superiors. Another fundamental aspect for them (40%) is being able to learn new things from their boss every day. However, 57% consider that feeling their effort recognized is what would generate the most gratification and pride in their job.

A revealing fact is that 54% of young Spaniards believe that in 10 years they will occupy positions of high responsibility or will work in their own company, so it is reasonable to think that more than describing their ideal boss, these young people refer to how they are they will behave tomorrow when they occupy positions related to leadership.

The professions of the future
During the presentation of the study results, special attention was paid to the professions of the future. That is, those jobs in which there are still not many professionals trained and that are increasingly in demand by human resources departments.

“The professions of the future pose a social challenge. Not only in terms of employment, but also in terms of education,” says María Hita. “Academic institutions  get a uk phone number  will have to adapt to the educational needs of new professionals, offering them specific training on those subjects that today are considered part of university education,” adds Hita.

Also, emphasis has been placed on the profound transformation of the work environment that is going to take place in the near future, and that will affect the way of understanding all professions, even those classic or lifelong jobs.

“The digital transformation will last a while and professionals specialized in computing with other branches of knowledge will be in demand, such as, for example, programmers with knowledge in Finance, Economics, Law, Medicine, Biochemistry or Digital Designers with knowledge in Physics or Architecture,” says Luis Manuel Tolmos, lawyer and general secretary of this foundation. “Spain has the worst birth rate since the last 40 years. In five years there will be fewer children in schools and universities, so we should design a common international strategy in Education, specialized in the jobs that will be demanded in the future. Thus, we can try to reverse the unemployment rate, taking advantage of our tourism potential, retaining international talent, reducing the number of empty classrooms and creating new, more qualified jobs. Schools will be the ones that change the world “, Tolmos concludes.

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